Monday August 20th, 2018

New Zacco colleagues have joined during summer – welcome!

During the summer months July and August, we have had the pleasure to welcome these new colleagues to Zacco:

    • Swetha Thokottu, who started working at the Bangalore office (India) as an Accountant.
    • Deepashree Melugiri, also a new colleague at the Indian office in Bangalore, who joined Zacco as a Trainee Patent Attorney.
    • Beatrice Landberg, Patent Assistant, who took up her work at the office in Skellefteå, Sweden.
    • Niclas Jonsson, working at the Oslo office as a Regional Manager Digital Brands in Norway.
    • Johanna Rodriguez, QA manager who has joined the Software team in Stockholm, Sweden.
    • Martin Knight, also a new Cyber Security Consultant who joined Zacco in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    • Per Erlandsson, who joined the office in Linköping, Sweden, as a Trainee Patent Attorney.
    • Tomas Dahlin and Dimitrios Tsaknakis, two new Cyber Security Consultants working out of the Swedish offices in Malmö resp. Gothenburg.
    • Nimrod Irmiyahou, who has joined Zacco in Malmö, Sweden, as a Senior Software Consultant.
    • Sara Fhölenhag and Niclas Sandström, both starting as Associate Attorneys at the Stockholm office (Sweden).
    • Nupur Akotkar, a new Junior Patent Specialist working out of the Indian office in Bangalore.

We wish all a good start and hope you will enjoy working with us for the benefit of Zacco’s great clients!

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