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Welcome to Zacco – a true European full-service IP firm!

Are you from outside of Europe? Zacco is one of Europe’s leading full-service IP firms – A single point of contact who can represent your gateway to Europe.

We have created a special area for you on our website where we have gathered information on the most sought after services from our foreign agents and clients, making it easier to quickly find what you are looking for.

We cover filing and prosecution work in 10 European jurisdictions directly, including the EUIPO/EPO, UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Austria and Switzerland, but we’ve got you covered anywhere in Europe.

Zacco logotype
Zacco logotype

When the world changes, so do we

Intangible assets are no longer only innovations and products. And in our digital world, assets can be found literally everywhere. More than often you have assets you didn’t know you had.

Today, it is not always enough to secure your intellectual property by means of patents, registrations of designs, copyrights and trademarks alone. Securing your IP digitally against data theft and fraud and keeping up with rapidly evolving data protection laws and technology is increasingly important.

By combining the traditional IP disciplines with cyber security, software development and digital brands, we take care of your ideas, innovations, data, identity – and all of your other intangible assets that you literally can’t put your finger on. We protect them, give you ownership and make them yours to keep – now and in the future.

We call it 360° perspective on intellectual property.

We make them yours to keep

We take care of your ideas, innovations, data, identity and all of your other assets you can’t put your finger on. And we sort intangible assets into three areas. They cover all your needs when it comes to finding and protecting assets that will add value to your company. Some of the terms may be more familiar to you and your company than others.

We’d like you to get to know all three of them better, because it is most likely that you have all three types of assets.

Regardless if it’s digital, identity or innovation assets, we protect them, give them value and make them yours to keep.

Innovation Assets

Everything connected with an innovation or an innovation process can become an innovation asset. Patents, copyrights, licenses, trade secrets, know how and processes are all examples of innovation assets that can add value to your business. We look into all aspects that relate to innovation assets and how to manage these.

Digital Assets

It’s a whole new world out there. Data is generated everywhere, so we have to come up with new ways to keep it safe. A digital asset can take many forms and functions: Data, apps, algorithms, software, client registers, domain names, databases and user interfaces are all examples of digital assets that can be of great value to your business.

Identity Assets

We take care of all aspects in connection with a company’s identity. Brand, design, appearance, graphical presentation, smell, sound and feel – all of these are business identifiers that help characterize a company’s identity and make it stand out. Everything from trademarks, designs, domain names, text & images to licenses, websites and social media can be turned into identity assets. Assets that will increase the value of a business.

Our innovative thinking has been rewarded, repeatedly.

We have consistently challenged how intellectual property is defined and continue to challenge ourselves to give our clients the best possible service, securing their assets and adding value to their company.

We have over 150 years’ experience of innovative thinking and we make use of that as we adapt to new methods and techniques, moving our industry forward into the future.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed: Zacco as a firm, and more than 30 of our patent, trademark and design attorneys, have achieved top tier rankings and individual recommendations from World Trademark Review, Intellectual Asset Management, Managing IP and Legal 500, all of which assures the outstanding quality of our services. We have repeatedly been awarded the prestigious prize, Scandinavian Firm Of The Year, by Managing Intellectual Property. This is testament to Zacco’s greatest asset – our more than 500 highly skilled employees. Reassuring acknowledgement that we are on the right track towards the future of intellectual property.