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The Future of IP is Digital – Zacco IPview,
our revolutionary Asset Management Portal

IPview is Zacco’s new portfolio and asset management platform. Everything in one place, because we understand how important it is to work without the distractions of administration, deadlines and spiralling costs.

More than just a portal, the platform has been designed to help you identify, oversee and manage your current and potential assets across the globe. From rights renewals to international coverage to digital branding, you can easily track all parts of your portfolio at each stage of their lifecycle, quickly identifying the information necessary to control and secure your assets efficiently.

Optimised Workflows, Real-Time Portfolio Management and Quality Assurance

Zacco is one of Europe’s leading IP firms and IPview has been designed with a focus on intellectual property throughout the development process. The result is a portal that seamlessly integrates global insight and asset management with regulatory compliance and state of the art security.

With solutions tailored to role requirements, access can be allocated on a need to know basis and your employees and colleagues will only see the information that is necessary for them to fulfil their roles effectively.

Easily establish and track your complete portfolio

A platform that grows alongside your organisation

Developed In-House by one of Europe’s leading IP firms

Ready for your online expansion

IPview – Combining Zacco’s 150 years in IP with a state of the art digital presence

Whether your assets are digital, physical, identify-based or innovative, IPview will form a key part of the management process, offering you up to the minute insight, available 24/7/365 and securely accessible from anywhere.

Step One – Identify

We work to understand your business and identify how such assets are used and deployed. Are they appropriate and necessary? Can they be developed? What about them makes them unique?

Step Two – Manage

We consolidate your assets and implement a strategy for how to effectively secure and protect them. Whether through domestic registrations, future market entry strategy or online marketplace monitoring, among other services.

Step Three – Monitor

We help you track how your assets are used and where they are exposed. We can keep you updated on market trends, competitor’s use of rights and industry developments.

Step Four – Enforce

We can identify and expose potential infringements and, if you need to defend or enforce your rights, we will work alongside you to help you maintain the value of your assets.

All of which is backed up by hundreds of in-house experts across all areas of intellectual property, digital brand protection and cyber security.

Just think what IPview could do for you.

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