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Trademark Renewals

To keep your trademark registration alive you will have to pay a renewal fee, otherwise, your trademark registration will lapse, and you will lose your rights as the owner.

Trademark renewal fees depend on the legislation and country you wish to uphold your trademark. A European trademark (EUTM) is valid for 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely.

At Zacco, we maintain a business perspective that goes beyond viewing trademark renewals as a matter of payment of a fee only. Renewals are intertwined with strategic decisions on your trademark portfolio and whether it matches your overall IP portfolio and strategy.

Therefore, we offer two different Trademark Renewal services:

    • A standardized renewal set-up where Zacco‚Äôs renewal department will inform you of any upcoming due dates.
    • A customized renewal set-up in which an experienced attorney will add strategic advice.

One point of entry for all your IP services

We believe that our clients obtain the best possible IP handling when having one single point of entry for all IP services. This is why we are constantly striving to develop our services, such as renewal handling, by using state-of-the art solutions. We engage with the best renewal providers in the market and thereby obtain the best cost effective solution and highest security for you.
For further information on our renewal services, please contact your closest Zacco office or our renewals team directly at:

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