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Patent Drafting

Have you developed a technical solution that you do not want to give away to your competitors? Then a patent may be a valuable asset. Patenting an idea or a product gives you the sole right to your invention and may prevent others from making, selling or using your invention.

Three basic criteria of patentability

In order for your invention to be patentable, it must:

    • Be novel. It must not be known to the public anywhere in the world before the date of filing your patent application.
    • Involve an inventive step. It must not be obvious to a person skilled in the art at the date of filing your patent application.
    • Be capable of industrial utilization. It must be susceptible of industrial application.

How to apply for a patent

To get a patent, you have to file a patent application at a patent office. The patent application should include one or several claims that define your invention. These claims determine the scope of your patent protection.
Upon filing your patent application, the patent office will perform a novelty search and examine your invention in order to assess the criteria mentioned above. Based on this examination, your patent may be granted.
Contact us and we will assist you in drafting your patent application and guide you through the application process!

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