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Patent Annuities

Don’t forget to renew your patent rights, or they will lapse

Patent Annuities are fees that a patent owner has to pay in order to renew a granted patent. Otherwise, the patent will lapse and you, as the patent owner, will lose your rights before the regular expiration date. The amount and frequency of this renewal fee differ according to national or international law, but often they are due on an annual basis, hence “Annuities”. In other words, the payment is necessary if you have decided to keep a patent in your portfolio. But it is an administrative task you simply want to be executed in the most efficient way without spending unnecessary efforts or money on it. So why not leave it to an experienced annuity provider like Zacco?

We guarantee reliability combined with competitive costs for annuities services

High security, transparency and cost competitiveness – those are the three main concerns of companies when it comes to annuity handling. For those with a larger patent portfolio that has more complex requirements, our patent annuity experts can assist you throughout the renewals process. We provide detailed insight into all local and international legislation, procedures and obligations. Our state of the art online platform IPview is designed for the management of IP rights. We offer security, confidentiality and cost effectiveness as well as fully customisable solutions dependent on your needs and portfolio size.

Informed portfolio advice ensures you only pay annuity fees for valuable rights

Our experienced patent attorneys can offer guidance on the relevance of your portfolio, identifying patents that may no longer be suitable or fit for purpose, reducing official renewal fees and management costs in the process. We can also advise on renewals strategy, helping you to identify the most efficient approach to managing your IP requirements.

Through Zacco, you have access to our patent attorneys and paralegals in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the UK, and Germany as well as an extensive and well-established global network of foreign agents. We offer you a single point of contact and a unique entry point to Europe. Read more about how Zacco IP Services can help you to manage your IPR portfolio here.

For more information, or if you would like us to present our service and prepare a quote, please contact one of the following people.

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