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Your European patent made valid in designated member states

In the IP industry, validation refers to the formal process in order to make your granted European patent (EP) valid nationally in each of its designated countries. In a number of countries, the process requires filing a translation of the complete patent application or parts of it. Zacco is a well-established validation provider: We offer direct validation in Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) and most address-for-service countries (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland/Liechtenstein). You will always have a comprehensive oversight of the process, as well as all costs and fees. Moreover, our asset management portal IPview empowers you to exert real-time IP portfolio management under terms of full control and security.

The basics you should know about EP validation

Different countries require different formalities. For some European countries, you need only to register an address for service while for other countries you need to either translate parts of the patent or translate the patent in its entirety. When a European patent is granted and the Decision to Grant is issued by the European Patent Office (EPO), a three months’ deadline is set for filing a request for validation and fulfilling the national requirements. The validation process requires specialised knowledge of formalities, filing requirements and language, as well as capacity and seamless routines. We provide you with long-standing validation expertise.

A vital translation of your patent application or claims

The consequences of a poor translation can be immense. Our translation services are performed by experts who are specialised within different fields, text types, and language combinations. Our translators have many years of experience and undergo training to provide the quality level we demand.

Your validation provider with a single point of contact

Through Zacco, you have access to our patent attorneys and paralegals in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the UK, and Germany as well as an extensive and well-established network also in the other European countries. We offer you a single point of contact and a unique entry point to Europe. Read more about Zacco IP Services here.

For more information on our validations services, please contact your trusted patent attorney or contact our validation team directly at:

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