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Louise Bülow Andersson

Louise Bülow Andersson


Attorney at Law

About Louise Bülow Andersson

Louise is an Attorney at Law who specialises in intellectual property and trademark law, domains and online brand enforcement.

Working with some of the world’s most established brands, she is often tasked with assisting them with the management of their IP portfolio, trademark prosecution and advising them on the development of their offline and online enforcement strategy. She also assists with takedowns, cancellations, investigations and opposition cases as well as policy development and litigation support. Louise is a member of multiple client teams, regularly taking part in client meetings and acting as a point of contact. In 2023, she also provided in-house IP assistance to a major client within the automotive industry

Her focus is primarily within Trademarks but she works in close collaboration with the Digital Brands team, assisting with domain name management and disputes, having recognised that the enforcement of intellectual property was increasingly moving online. This insight and passion for IP allows her to help her clients to think differently, and to bridge the gaps between traditional legal and modern digital protection strategies.

Before she joined Zacco in 2019, Louise served as a law clerk at the Uddevalla District Court, giving her a comprehensive understanding of the development and application of regulatory and legislative decision-making, and as an attorney at law at a law firm. Her international education and experience has led to a global outlook and, given the borderless nature of digital brands and enforcement, Louise can quickly adapt to client needs within any sector as well as those operating across multiple digital and physical markets.

Louise holds an LL.M from the University of Gothenburg, which included courses taken within the UK, and prior to that studied in the United States for four years, including two years of international relations. Her Master’s thesis focused on the possibility to register scent marks. Louise has represented Sweden in international ice hockey tournaments on several occasions.

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