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Innovation Assets

More than just a patent, these are Innovation Assets

Everything connected with an innovation or an innovation process can become an Innovation Asset. Patents, copyrights, licenses, trade secrets, know how and processes are all examples of potential assets that can add value to your business. We look into all aspects that relate to you Innovation Assets, and how best to manage them.

How can you protect and monetise a good idea? And how can you keep your inventions safe – now and in the future?  

At Zacco, we can help you. We look into all aspects that relate to innovation assets and use our standardised working process to help you better understand what could be protected, and how best to approach it. We help you to identify and protect each innovation, or the steps involved in your innovation process, thereby turning them into valuable Innovation Assets. We are also there to help you to manage your rights efficiently and cost-effectively throughout their lifecycle, as your organisation and your IP portfolio grow.

We can

  • Draft, file and prosecute a patent application
  • Help identify, protect and give you ownership of strategic technology
  • Enforce and defend your IP rights, providing you with litigation support and representing you in court or before authorities, such as the European Patent Office and the Unified Patent Court
  • Monitor your competitor’s applications, IP ownership and specific technological areas, and act on potential infringements
  • Identify your freedom to operate
  • Develop strategies for enhancing the assets in your IP portfolio, managing them on your behalf
  • Negotiate, draft and evaluate licensing agreements

We have

  • More than 120 Patent Attorneys and 70 Patent Paralegals


If you want to know more about your Innovation Assets, or the services we offer, please contact one of our local experts:

Per Björklund_Stockholm

Per Björklund

Business Developer
Sweden East & North

Ulf Juhlin-Dannfelt


Peggy Bengtsson

Director Portfolio Outsourcing
Senior Executive Partner
Copenhagen, Malmö

Alison Lawson

Partner, Birmingham and North Chartered Patent and Trade Mark Attorney
Birmingham, Oslo

Rita Lillegraven

Senior Partner

Hans Langan

Senior Partner

Betina Hellemann

Partner Director IP Services & Quality