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Digital Assets

At what point does data become a Digital Asset?

Everything produced digitally could become a Digital Asset. Digitalisation is part of our daily lives, and AI is changing the way that we work, and even how we think. Data is generated everywhere and we have to develop new ways to define and protect it. These can take many forms and functions: Data, apps, algorithms and domain names are all examples of valuable Digital Assets.

How do you ensure that you are the owner of your Digital Assets, and how do you keep them safe? We can help you.

We can act as your partner for all aspects of your Digital Assets:

  • Our Secure Development team can help you integrate security and intellectual property awareness throughout the software development process. We can deliver our services as projects or through consultants to help you create new products, and mitigate the risk of vulnerabilities in your software
  • Our Cyber Security team can help you identify your valuable digital assets and assess, develop and implement the relevant level of security measures, as well as provided ongoing monitoring for continued assurance. We help you develop your security capabilities, skills, awareness and culture, and act as your partner where extra resources are needed
  • Our Digital Threat Intelligence team can help you monitor for potential digital crimes, conducting forensic investigations, and acting as the link between you and law enforcement. Our aim is to mitigate digital threats and helping you stay secure in the ever-evolving digital arena. We can also teach you how to protect yourself and your company against digital threats
  • Our TechLaw team can provide you with support in order to protect your digital assets, both internally and externally and from a legal as well as a technical perspective. We help your organisation keep ownership of your data and all other Digital Assets

We have

  • More than 50 Security Professionals
  • Certifications such as PCI-QSA, CISA, CISM, CRISC, CISSP, CEH, PMP, PRINCE2 and many more


If you want to know more about your Digital Assets, or the services we offer, please contact one of our experts in this area:

Tobias Harhoff_Gothenburg

Tobias Harhoff

Business Line Director Digital Brand

Mikael Helgesson_Gothenburg

Mikael Helgesson

Managing Director Zacco Digital Trust Sweden AB

Ola Florvik_Gothenburg

Ola Florvik

Regional Manager Sweden West

Johan Öman_Stockholm

Johan Öman

Regional Manager Sweden East and North

Fredrik Fingal_Malmö

Fredrik Fingal

Regional Manager Denmark and Sweden South
Copenhagen, Malmö

Victor Schönemann_Gothenburg

Victor Schönemann

Senior Domain Name Security Consultant

Stefan Kvarnerås_Stockholm

Stefan Kvarnerås

Director Cyber Security Professional Services

Patrick Thorén_Copenhagen

Patrick Thorén

Director Digital Trust, Director Marketing and Communication