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Identity Assets

What are Identity Assets?

Identity assets relate to a business’ identity, which appears in multiple channels and places. Brand, design, appearance, smell, sound and feel are all common business identifiers that help characterize a business’ identity. By protecting these business identifiers, you can add value to your business.

Whatever helps your customer recognize that this is your company, product or service is potentially an identity asset. Everything from trademarks, designs, domain names, text & images to licenses, websites and social media can be turned into identity assets that not only will secure your business, but also increase its value.

Where do you mainly communicate and interact with your customer? In a store or online through a website, e-commerce and social media? How do you turn your online presence into actual assets of value? By combining traditional IP services, such as trademark and design protection, with digital brand services, we know how and we take care of all aspects in connection with a company’s identity.

We can

  • Help you register a trademark or a design
  • Enforce and defend your intellectual property rights by appearing before the relevant courts on your behalf
  • Protect your copyright and assist you with licensing agreements and negotiations with publishers and distributors
  • Consolidate, monitor and defend your trademark and domain name portfolio
  • Offer corporate domain name management and online brand protection
  • Build a wall around your digital brand by protecting domain names and DNS services, writing reseller/affiliate agreements and monitoring your digital brand worldwide
  • Provide legal advice on corporate and commercial law
  • Draft and review contracts and agreements

We have

  • Close to 50 Trademark and Design attorneys and Attorneys at Laws and more than 30 Trademark Paralegals


If you want to know more about Identity Assets and the services we offer, please contact one of our experts in your region:

Frode André Moen

Senior Partner

Martin Tranälv

Senior Partner, Attorney at Law

Lone Prehn

Senior Partner

Claes Agnvall

Senior Partner, Team Manager, Attorney at Law

Hampus Adlerton

Regional Director, Sweden South
Senior Partner

Nils Köster

Partner, Certified IP Lawyer

Maria Beijer

Senior Partner, Attorney at Law

Thomas Mølsgaard

Partner Legal – Trademark
Director, Denmark & Germany

Malin Thunberg McCann

Senior Partner, Assisting Team
Manager Attorney at Law

Niclas Jonsson

Regional Manager Digital Brand
Denmark, Germany and Norway

Alison Lawson

Partner, Birmingham and North, Chartered Patent and Trade Mark Attorney
Birmingham, Oslo

John-Aron Windolf

Regional Manager Digital Brand, Sweden West