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Zacco logotype

Fredrik Cappelen elected new Chairman of Zacco’s Board of Directors

29 June 2020

We are proud to announce that Fredrik Cappelen has been appointed new Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting earlier this June. Fredrik brings profound experience from similar positions in other companies and he has a record of accomplishments including six successful stock exchange listings conducted with Fredrik as chairman.

Fredrik Cappelen takes over the role as Chairman of the Board of Directors after Hans Blomberg. Fredrik has been active as a board professional with engagement in several companies since he left his position as Managing Director and CEO at Nobia in 2009. He has extensive and broad industry experience from within the industries of pulp and paper, health and dental care including long-standing online and retail experience from e.g. Nobia, Securitas, Transcom, Dustin and Byggmax.

In parallel to his business roles, he is engaged as Member of the Global Executive Board in the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). In this role, Fredrik has been one of the pioneers in the Swedish industry regarding work in the sustainability area.

Furthermore, Fredrik is a major owner in the private investment company Eterna Invest and represents Eterna’s interest in Zacco.

Mats Boström, CEO at Zacco, comments:
“The IP business is undergoing great changes. Fredrik has a broad and deep experience with modernising, developing and revolutionising companies as well as industries – which is exactly where we are heading with Zacco. We are very pleased to continue our journey into the future of intellectual property together with Fredrik”.

Quick Q & A with the new chairman:

Given your background and experience from a range of different industries (retail, healthcare, service etc.) what will be your focus as new chairman of Zacco?
In all industries, it is about transformation. My focus therefore is on how we grow a business, how we transform a business, and how we can make a business become a winning party in the industry.

What is the importance of IP from your perspective?
Developing new products with new technologies today is as crucial as protecting them, because herein lies our competitive edge. This is how we make them profitable. Therefore, in my view, an IP firm like Zacco is enormously important as a partner. Because we need to work with partners that are efficient, use the latest technology and can offer us the right product and on the right digital, modern platform.

Why Zacco? What motivates you?
In general, we want to work with partners who have the same ambition and thinking as our own. We want to work with the leader of the industry, who has the best people and provides the best technology. We want a transparent and efficient relationship so we can feel good about leaving our products and technologies and different kind of assets that we want to protect with this company. In my view, Zacco is such a leader and I am very excited about being part of the next phase of Zacco’s journey.

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