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The Zacco and Patent Nord Innovation Award 2023 goes to Micro Matic

15 November 2023

And the winner is … Micro Matic!

The Innovation Award 2023 has been given to Micro Matic. The annual prize, presented by Zacco Denmark A/S and Patent Nord, is awarded to companies who have demonstrated a particular focus on innovation and product protection.

Micro Matic is an international industrial group based in Odense with a broad portfolio of products in the field of beverage dispensing. Among the world’s leading suppliers of draft beer equipment, they have over 1300 employees and operate in over 120 countries. Founded in 1953, they have continually focused on innovation, development and production of dispensing solutions and services throughout the last seven years and have grown to become a truly international business.

Micro Matic receives this year’s Innovation Award as a result of their continuous focus on innovation, consistently expanding their patent and design protection, and their development of a strong international position in the market. Their development activity and ongoing acquisition strategy has made them one of the global leaders in the field, with production and sales facilities located in over 22 locations across the globe.

Micro Matic’s focus on innovation and their international outlook  have strengthened their competitiveness, opening doors to the wider marketplace and supporting their ongoing expansion. Please join us in congratulating Micro Matic, the winners of this year’s Innovation Award.

A brief introduction to the Innovation Award

The Innovation Award was established by Patent Nord in 2011 and is awarded annually to a company or person who has made a significant contribution to the development of new innovative products, effectively patenting them for the benefit of society. Since 2019, the Innovation Award has been awarded on behalf of Zacco Denmark A/S and Patent Nord Powered by Zacco.

You can learn more about the Innovation Award (in Danish) here:

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