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Zacco forms part of Compular’s innovation journey to award success in the start-up field

26 November 2021

Zacco’s collaboration partner and client, Compular, has recently won a range of prizes within the start-up field in recognition of their innovative ideas.

Zacco operates at the forefront of innovation and part of staying ahead is understanding the where new ideas are coming from. Zacco has been operating alongside some of the most advanced higher education institutes in Scandinavia for many years now and our collaboration comes in many forms from pro bono advice and mentorship on commercial viability and practical implications of the protecting an idea to lecturing or advising on choosing a career in intellectual property and advancement of the legal profession.


The results have been hugely positive with some amazing students choosing to apply their talents to IP and, thanks to close collaboration, the introduction of some ground-breaking ideas into industry. Some partnerships are more formalised, including the work we do with Chalmers University, where part of our role is to help guide student inventors through the process of capturing and securing their IP.


A recent example of how such collaboration can be successful is the recent recognition achieved by Compular, who have developed software that predicts and simulates the path of molecules and atoms across a range of real-world settings. The applications include areas such as battery development, pharmaceuticals and other material research and development processes. The idea has been recognised across Europe, first by winning the ‘Beyond Academic’ award in the Venture Cup in Sweden, which was shortly followed by receiving First Prize for ‘Best Tech Innovation’ at the prestigious Stage Two in Berlin.


Our colleague Navid Fallah, has been working closely alongside Compular since the beginning. When the idea became a pilot project, he started by helping to explore potential practical applications and areas where protection would be necessary or prudent. As the inventors were new to patents, continuous communication throughout the process helped with general advice on IP and Navid advising on how to develop a more cost-efficient scalable approach as both company and requirements grew. While helping to develop their IP strategy, Navid focused on IP maturity and potential future patent while drafting the application, which was submitted in October 2021.


For Navid, part of what he enjoys about the process is seeing the passion for innovation develop throughout the idea process. “It creates a sense of excitement, to be working alongside young minds who plan for nothing less than to change the world. They are at the front of their technological field, and to be able to advise on how they can secure their path into the wider marketplace has been very rewarding.”


The technology developed by Compular is still in relative infancy, but the potential applications are huge and both Navid and Zacco are proud to be a part of Compular’s innovation journey.

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