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Jesper Kongstad joins Zacco

4 October 2017


It is with great pleasure we can announce that former Director of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO) and Chairman of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organization (EPO), Jesper Kongstad has joined Zacco as Industrial Advisor and Investor.

Jesper will have three primary focus areas in Zacco – advising clients on strategic level, developing and building the business of Zacco, and as vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Zacco.

Jesper has extensive experience and shown impressive results within the IP business and he will bring important and positive competences, knowledge and insights to Zacco. We are very excited to bring this into play in our continuous development ensuring that we can continue to deliver IP counselling that makes a difference to our clients.

The IP world is undergoing major changes these years and the traditional approach to IP is no longer sufficient. Both Zacco and Jesper acknowledge that the IP world requires a new approach – in Zacco we call it a 360° perspective on IP.

360° Perspective on Intellectual Property

It´s a whole new world out there! Today, it’s not just a simple matter of intellectual property rights. We and our clients now have to contend with digital security, fast-forward technology, rapidly evolving data protection laws, breaches, theft and fraud. A new world needs a new approach to IP. And that’s what we are offering from Zacco. Uniquely.

Our experts in IP rights, cyber security and software development guide our clients safely through the whole innovation process, from idea to developed product.

We craft new ways to unlock the power of ideas and turn them into protected corporate assets. We guard innovations and processes so that our clients’ amazing intellect becomes – and stays – their property. We simply call it the 360° perspective on IP.

Welcome Jesper!

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