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Jonas Lundqvist appointed as new Group CFO at Zacco

1 December 2020

We are pleased to announce that Jonas Lundqvist has taken over as Group CFO from Odd Bolin, effective 1st December 2020. Having been with Zacco for a number of years, Jonas knows his way around the business and brings with him a wealth of international financial expertise.

Odd was based in Stockholm and, due to the current logistical challenges posed by Covid-19, found that the current travel restrictions severely hindered his commute between our Head Office in Copenhagen and the rest of our offices across Scandinavia, the UK, India and Germany.


Jonas has an impressive international background across finance, growth and business development. Jonas joined Zacco in 2014 as Finance Manager and his accumulated knowledge of the organisation as well as the IP industry gives him the best possible starting point in his new role.  Here we find out a little bit about his previous roles and why he chose to join Zacco.


Can you tell us a little bit about your experience prior to joining Zacco?


I spent around ten years with a Swedish Software company, joining shortly after their IPO, and was part of developing business between 1999 and 2009. My role was to build up the organisation’s overseas interest, firstly in Finland, then India and then in Singapore. For example, I started the Indian office as part of a team of three and within three years we had grown it to 50 people, and then to a couple of hundred employees. In Singapore, I was VP Finance for the Asia Pacific Region and resided over 30% growth year on year for much of the time I was there. So my regional experience stretched from India, to Japan, to Australia all the time seeing interesting places and meeting interesting people.


So what was it that attracted you to Zacco in the first place?


Basically, I already knew the business model but Zacco’s approach offered a new twist because of the approach we have to innovation. We are working alongside some of the most innovative companies in the world and Zacco is an integral part of supporting their journey. It is actually really exciting to think that we have colleagues working alongside technology that isn’t due for release until the mid-2020s.


What would you say are the most important things you have learnt while you have been here?


First of all, during my years in Zacco, I have come to understand and appreciate that Zacco is all about professionalism. I really appreciate our obvious ambition to always do our best in everything we do; from supporting our clients to supporting our colleagues out of backend functions.


One of the most important lessons I have learnt, mostly from people that I am working alongside, is the level of complexity that is involved when it comes to patents and trademarks. There is a lot of knowledge sharing here between colleagues so that has aided in my understanding of developing organisations and I have also, within my department, some incredibly skilled colleagues and, speaking frankly, I wouldn’t be CFO without their assistance.


So tell us about your new role, what have you got planned and how would you like to see the role progress?


In the short term it is, of course, to support the general strategy of the organisation, supporting our colleagues who are out there further developing our business and serving our clients. Further down the line, I will be part of the team that contributes to Zacco’s public listing so you could say that that I am planning for busy and exciting times within the organisation.


Developing the business alongside our colleagues and working closely with the rest of the management team to ensure the support structure is in place to accomplish our goals. That is my long term goal and to begin with I have a kick start plan in place which covers my first 25 working days leading up to Christmas, so I am ready to get started.


Finally, outside of work, how do you like to spend your free time?


Well, I live in Malmo with my wife and our two children so, of course, spending time with my family is important. Apart from that, I try to keep healthy, I really enjoy reading and I take every opportunity to get out in to nature whenever I can. I enjoy travel as well, so I am looking forward to getting back to that at some point.


Have you read anything recently that you would recommend?


“Nidarmörkur” by Peter Fröberg Idling. I am generally not a big fan of horror stories but that book I really could not put away. It is set in Gotland, a place I really like.


We’ll keep an eye out for that then. Well thank you very much for your time today and congratulations again, we wish you every success in the new role and we look forward to hearing how your plans are progressing.


As CFO, Jonas will also be part of the executive board of Zacco.


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