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Karthik Dodballapur joins Zacco India as Managing Director and Country Head

20 June 2024

We are pleased to welcome Karthik Dodballapur as Managing Director and Country Head for India effective 20th May 2024. Karthik brings with him a wealth of international experience having managed multiple leading consulting and professional services organisations within the engineering, IT and technology sectors.

 Karthik comes from a family of engineers, so has always had an interest in the way things work, both technologically and from an innovation perspective. Here we share a bit about what motivates him and why he chose to bring his talents to Zacco, as well as some of his plans for the future of Zacco India.

 On what drives him, both personally and professionally…

I have always been interested in innovation and technology and, when deciding on my career, I had been exposed to many forms of engineering and was excited by the prospect of computing and computer science as these were areas that were ripe for exploration. This was the 1990s, personal computers were becoming more popular, and it was an exciting time to go into information, communications and technology professional services sectors. I knew that this was the branch of engineering that would lead me into centres of innovation, and where we would see the spark.

My goals are directed towards growth, both personally and professionally, and that drives my approach to management. I see growth as the most important aspect of attracting and retaining the best talent. Growth in conjunction with top talent leads to an attractive work culture and environment for employees. Growth also means learning, and taking opportunities for education and innovation, which often provides an opportunity to ‘give back’ to the organization.

“(I have had) exposure to a wide range of organisations at all levels and one thing that binds all of them together is innovation, and protecting their brand and their ideas”

Growth and learning have driven my professional career, with a strong focus on business transformation, improving efficiencies and streamlining process by incorporating best practice methodology such as Agile, or through automation and AI. Moving from India to the US taught me the importance of clear and concise communication and I have taken that lesson with me throughout my career. I see joining Zacco as an opportunity to take my experience and expertise in Transformation, Automation, RPAs and AI, and applying them throughout the organisation.

 On his background and career…

 “Technology was booming in the 1990s, home PCs were gaining popularity, so I joined the information, communications and technology sector. I knew that this was where we would see the spark of innovation”

My background is in engineering, technology and related professional services across the US and India. I originally moved to Louisiana, USA to complete my Masters in Electrical Engineering, and then joined a leading professional services consultancy in Minneapolis. Post this stint, I joined a large player in the development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, where I also completed my MBA. In the mid-2000s, I had the opportunity to return to my hometown of Bengaluru, where I was asked if I would join my previous company in establishing their India Operations. Over the next 13+ years I led multiple multi-million dollar technology delivery engagements, directed operations of a sub-business unit, establishing their presence across the country, and eventually led their global operations programme.

I then joined a business transformation company, who brought me in to revamp and reorganize their global Automation and Transformation teams. Prior to joining Zacco, I built a start-up as well as nurtured a number of growing companies in the start-up environment as well as provided advisory services to a number of Private Equity firms seeking to expand their Professional Services, Consulting and Delivery Centre activities in India.

“Opportunities have grown, and skilled people want to build their lives here. (Bengaluru) is a city filled with bright ideas and prospects, and the perfect place for Zacco to make an impact”

I have lived in many different areas of the US and India, and it was a pleasure to return to my hometown, where maintaining a strong focus on education has seen it grow from a‘Garden City’ to becoming a global technology hub. That has bought with it many opportunities, both for those who live here and for those who have migrated. It is a city filled with bright ideas and prospects, and the perfect place for Zacco to make an impact.

On joining Zacco, his first impressions and some early thoughts for the future…

Zacco as a leading European IP firm has a clear vision to go global and I see our India operations playing an integral part in achieving that. India itself is going through a huge period of growth and innovation, so I see many opportunities to work directly with the organisations generating innovation, such as MNCs, universities, research institutions and incubators, alongside the local and global businesses we support alongside our European colleagues.

“In Zacco, I feel that one can see a combination of the best parts of both Indian and Scandinavian working cultures”

Having now met many of the Zacco India team, I am impressed. What I have seen so far is a motivated group of bright, enthusiastic and energetic colleagues and I am looking forward to working together. In Zacco, I feel that one can see the best parts of both Indian and Scandinavian working cultures, and I think the Scandinavian values of openness and self-direction have clearly proliferated across the organisation. I am looking forward to the future.

As Managing Director and Country Lead for India, Karthik will be part of the Management Team at Zacco


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