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Global Pandemic – Managing your IP

26 April 2021

We can assure our clients and partners that Zacco will remain in business despite the continued spread of Coronavirus.

Governments are applying different approaches to contain the spread of the virus and therefore minimise casualties and business impact. Zacco continues to adhere to local and national regulations and recommendations set forth to contain the spread of the virus. We are able to do so qua our flexible work environment allowing our staff to maintain business as usual even when working remote.

Innovation: New challenges like the ones posed by the current pandemic call for innovation. Never before has innovation been so important – and never before has it been so important to safeguard your innovation by all means possible. Classical IP protection instruments like patents have never been more important.

Digital trust: We currently see numerous malicious campaigns being launched with the aim of profiting from the global pandemic. Never before has it been so important to safeguard your digital assets by all means possible.

Zacco continues to be fully committed to support our clients as their preferred partner for managing and safeguarding all aspects of their intellectual property; also during the global pandemic.

If you have any questions about managing and safeguarding your intellectual property, then please contact your local office by mail or phone.

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