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New Associate Patent Attorney x 2: Welcome, Markus Engstrand and Tobias Viskers

6 March 2023

We are pleased to announce that we have new talents in our patent department. Markus Engstrand and Tobias Viskers, our two new Associate Patent Attorneys, have joined different teams and offices in the Sweden East & North region.

While Markus has started at the Norrköping office, strengthening the Physics and Telecom patent team led by Johan Hervius Löthman, his new colleague Tobias has taken up a similar position in Stockholm, as a member of Malin Mattson’s Mechanics and Mechatronics patent team. This presented a great opportunity to conduct an interview, welcoming them both to Zacco and getting to know them better.

What experience do they bring?

Although they now find themselves in a similar position, their journeys are quite different and illustrate the many unique routes into a career within the IP industry.

Markus completed his Master Studies in Mechanical Engineering at Linköping University in 2017 with a focus on aeronautical engineering and he wrote his thesis at SAAB Aeronautics, where he later received assignments as a mechanical design engineer. For now, he “knows everything about fluid and aero dynamics”. Previously, he pursued the idea of studying in China, learning the language and culture, and although the stay in China has yet to be realised, it is a knowledge and talent that distinguishes him. Markus also gained experience at Toyota Material Handling, as a design engineer working in the field of automated trucks, but was looking for new challenges. In 2021, he was offered a place on a trainee programme at another IP firm where he spent just over a year learning more about the work of a patent attorney before moving to Norrköping and starting at Zacco.

Tobias studied at Umeå University in Sweden, which included one term in Iceland in 2004, and holds a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics. He has gained work experience at MacGregor and Cargotec Corporation in Hamburg and Örnsköldsvik respectively, primarily as a Sales Engineer for shipboard cranes, among other roles. In 2017, he took up a career within the IP industry, starting out as an examiner at the Swedish Patent Office (PRV), where he was also involved in the PRV’s consulting business, providing patent searches to clients. Combined, he brings six years of experience assessing patent applications and judging patentability, and twelve years of experience within engineering.

How did IP become their career path?

When discussing their chosen career paths within IP, Markus highlighted the opportunities to meet clients, and interact with other people, that he was lacking as a design engineer. He also acknowledged the variety of innovations he gets to work with as one of the most exciting reasons for being a patent attorney at Zacco. Tobias switched to patent work when he felt life was “on repeat”, deciding to move and make a fresh start, and it was fortunate that he came across the PRV ad for a position in Stockholm at the perfect moment. He does admit to having already kept an eye on the industry, semi-seriously mentioning Albert Einstein as an inspiration, although Markus immediately remarked that these might be particularly ‘big shoes’ to fill.

They are both excited and motivated to be joining Zacco, feeling welcomed in the office and getting along with future colleagues who they got to know during the recruitment process. Markus notes this to be especially important in a smaller office like Norrköping. Their new positions and co-workers live up to their expectations and they have been introduced to new tasks and clients straight away.

Tobias and Markus have not met previously, although recognised some connections and mutual acquaintances during the discussion, and have already made plans to collaborate and take some courses together.

What will they focus on in the coming months?

As Tobias states, Markus has an advantage when it comes to “the writing”, referring to the fact, that patent drafting represents an important foundation of their work, and an area which Markus has been trained in. Tobias will focus on further developing this key skill, applying the extensive knowledge he gained as a patent examiner now that he has switched to being the one who drafts and files applications.

Markus has spent his first weeks learning the systems and routines at Zacco and will now focus on delivering his current assignments. His traineeship has been intensive and he is keen to apply all the knowledge he gained into claims and client work. Both were out meeting inventors on their second day at work, and ´have certainly embraced the ‘learning by doing’ approach.

Once again, we are pleased to meet you and wish you both a warm welcome!

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