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Odd Bolin joins Zacco as new CFO

4 June 2020

We have the pleasure to welcome Odd Bolin as our new CFO for the Zacco Group.
Odd Bolin has been working with Zacco since February this year as an external finance consultant, but has taken over as permanent group CFO after Håkan Tjärnemo as of June 1, 2020. Håkan Tjärnemo who has held the CFO responsibility in Zacco since 2013, has decided to step down as a gradual retirement.

Odd Bolin has previous experience from similar positions with listed companies, such as Sinch and Cybercom, and he will make use of this experience in his new role as CFO at Zacco. As CFO, his primary responsibilities will be to ensure a continued timely and accurate financial reporting, efficient business analysis and follow-up.

Odd, you have an impressive background from similar positions. What experience do you expect to be especially relevant for Zacco?

Odd Bolin: – The take-away from my previous employments in platform-based companies is that I really understand growth in a company. I have a view on what factors that drive growth, how to manage the process and I think, I also know the pitfalls.  At Sinch, I have been part of the exciting journey where a regional provider was transformed into a global leader for enterprise communication. Moreover, I bring experience of going public with a company and of working for listed companies. This is part of the long-term plan for Zacco, so I will be able to help the company navigate smoothly through this challenging process.

For the last 10+ years, much of what I have done has also focused on digitalization and cyber security, both in companies building that sort of products and solutions, and in transaction-intensive companies with a large focus on security issues.

You started your engagement with Zacco as a financial consultant in February. What was your first impression?

Odd: -Yes, you could say that my on-boarding process started in February, but was disrupted by the coronavirus, when all of a sudden everyone in Zacco “moved” to their home offices. But I have already understood that I am surrounded by super-qualified and highly educated people that are very good at their jobs. Many years ago, I myself have obtained a PhD in Space plasma physics and I have had the chance to nurture my passion for technology at all my employers. My technical background should also be an advantage when working at Zacco, because of the company’s strong business focus on digitalisation and digital assets.

What made you join Zacco?

Odd: -I think Zacco is an extremely interesting company with great potential, a consulting firm with very skilled employees and focus on the future. The market Zacco is operating in is still quite fragmented with many smaller players, but on its way to consolidation. I can see a journey of growth and increasing efficiency ahead.

What do you do when not working?

Odd: -Apart from spending time with my kids, anything outdoors, climbing, hiking, sailing and kayaking; you could say that I am glad to be aboard.

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