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Patent Nord Innovation Award given to PanPac Engineering

21 April 2022

PanPac Engineering a/s in Pandrup has been awarded this year’s Innovation Award from Patent Nord Powered by Zacco on Wednesday 20th April 2022.

The Innovation Award is an annual award ceremony to a customer at Patent Nord Powered by Zacco, who has had a special focus on innovation and product protection. This year is the 11th year that the Patent Nord Innovation Award has been given out.

PanPac Engineering receives this year’s innovation award based on an overall assessment of the company’s focus on innovation and product development. In addition, PanPac has developed a smart robot-controlled filling system for ‘bigbag’ filling systems, and this is highlighted as a product which involves a lot of new thinking.

PanPac Engineering a/s is a supplier of products within ‘palletising’, including fully automated systems, and examples of PanPac products and services include robotic palletising, bag filling and foil wrappers. PanPac has also had significant export success with its products in a range of countries, both within and beyond the EU.

This success is based on many years of work and knowledge, as PanPac has worked with palletizing systems for over 20 years. Due to this, among other things, PanPac is one of the leading companies in Europe within palletising of sacks.

The award ceremony took place on Wednesday 20th April 2022 at 12.00 at PanPac Engineering a / s, Industrivej 18, 9490 Pandrup.


About the Innovation Award:

The Innovation Award was established by Patent Nord in 2011, and is awarded once a year to a company or person who has, to a remarkable extent, developed new innovative products and effectively patented them for the benefit of Danish society.

Every year, the Innovation Prize consists of a sculpture or a work of art by a Danish artist, and this work of art is presented to the prize winner at an award ceremony. Read more about the innovation award here.

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