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Top Tier in Trademark Prosecution for Zacco Denmark, Sweden and Norway

3 April 2023

Thank you! Zacco has been ranked by Managing IP, via our peers and our clients, as a Top Tier Firm for Trademark Prosecution in Denmark, Sweden and Norway for the sixth year in a row.

We are very proud to have been nominated for the Top Tier for our sixth year, and the achievement is compounded by the fact that some offices have maintained this top ranking for even longer.

The results detail the months of investigation, research and peer review and identifies the firms in private practice who have made their mark on international trademarks. The researchers incorporate feedback from global clients, colleagues and associates and the rankings reflect the innovative approach that Zacco takes to protecting our client’s intellectual property.

We have also achieved Tier Two rankings for the Trademark Disputes category in Sweden and Norway and Tier Three in Denmark.

Such consistent recognition, over six years, represents the market knowledge, capability and technical expertise that can be found within Zacco offices worldwide. Our IP360 approach, which combines traditional, emerging and digital IP protection, and ‘One Zacco’, means that when a client works with one office, they have access to all of the skill, expertise and experience that we are able to offer.

These awards reflect the recognition from those we serve of the hard work conducted by all of our colleagues across the organisation, and we are honoured to acknowledge the contribution that everyone makes on a day to day basis.

If you would like to draw on the expertise of one of Zacco’s Trademark experts in protecting your IP Portfolio, reach out to one of our local offices.

You can find all of Zacco’s current Managing IP rankings, as well as more information on their research methodology, here.

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