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Zacco logotype

“We see a lot of digital infringement that calls for permanent global monitoring”

11 September 2020

It is with great pleasure we introduce our new Senior Digital Brand Consultant Nete Bernt Hansson. She has recently joined Zacco’s headquarter in Copenhagen and will be a member of the cross-regional Digital Brand team.

Welcome to Zacco, Nete! Please tell us a bit more about your professional background! How long have you been working with Digital Brands?

Nete Bernt Hansson: -Thank you, I really enjoy being part of Zacco now! You could say that I have spent seven years in the digital brand business, working with advanced Corporate Domain Management at different specialised consultancy firms. As it is now, I continue to help brand owners to develop their position in the market and create value for them, but in the Zacco environment with new colleagues and offerings.

What was your main reason for joining Zacco? What will be your tasks and responsibilities in your new position?

Nete: – I will focus on developing the Digital Brand business in the Danish market and find solutions for existing as well as for new clients, so my role is quite similar to the ones I have had before. However, Zacco has this appealing value proposition for how to secure a company’s intangible assets, and not only its intellectual property. It means that we are all under the same umbrella – digital brand consultants, trademark attorneys and digital trust experts – and that we need to understand our client’s businesses from a holistic point of view, using our 360° perspective on intellectual property and, obviously, to collaborate. I find this to be very interesting and appreciate the management’s way to stress and enable collaboration when presenting our offering to our clients. It is a clear advantage for the client to have joint management of their IP with one partner.

How do you as a Digital Brand consultant create value for Zacco’s clients?

Nete: – We look at their IPR portfolio and help them to secure their IP rights digitally, e.g. through domain name registration. The domain name management is of growing importance for virtually any business, for some it is a digital business card, while others depend on it with e.g. their web shops, client portals or email addresses. It therefore needs to be managed properly, also from a security perspective. Thus, we look at domains as assets that requires to be managed strategically, both from a IP-related legal, marketing and technical perspective. Today we see a lot of digital infringements, which calls for permanent global monitoring. You see, in the first quarter of 2020, there were 366 million domain names registered. How could you ever expect to monitor these successfully without the right tools?

What is your best advice for brand owners when it comes to managing their digital brands? Is there any common pitfall that can be easily avoided?

Nete: – Most importantly, you need to align your domain name portfolio with your brands. Don’t register a trademark or launch new brands without considering the related domain name registrations, because otherwise a third party might act quickly and get in your way. Also, remember to include future markets in your considerations and prepare for potential entries into new markets! And as I have already mentioned, my advice is to monitor your domain names as you monitor your trademarks.

Thanks for your insights, Nete! We wish you a great start and many interesting dialogues with your clients in favour of digital brand awareness!

If you as a brand owner are interested to learn more, please contact Nete Bernt Hansson directly or get in touch with the Digital Brand department at dbs@zacco.com.

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