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Welcome back, Tony Ewert and Oskar Fröderberg!

18 February 2021

It is with great pleasure that we welcome back two former colleagues who have decided to rejoin Zacco and return to the Uppsala office in March. The longstanding patent attorneys Anthony Ewert and Oskar Fröderberg will be a great addition to the local team and strengthen Zacco’s operations in the region Sweden East & North. Both bring vast work experience from their decades within the patent business and not the least a well-established professional network with them.

About Anthony Ewert’s and Oskar Fröderberg’s professional background

Oskar graduated with a Master of Science in Materials Technology, and he started his career as a patent attorney in 1993.  Over the years, he has worked for three different patent firms as well as run his own business. In 2002, he became a European Patent Attorney. Oskar has mostly been working within the mechanical field of technology, but if he had to choose one field in which he would reckon himself as an expert, that would be materials technology and more precisely within metallurgy, including powder metallurgy and associated manufacturing technique.

Anthony was bestowed a PhD in Electronics from Uppsala University in 2006. Since then, he has worked as a research engineer and development leader in the industry as well as gained proficiency in private practice at three different patent firms including at Zacco for a shorter period of time. Like Oskar, he has gathered profound expertise in patent drafting and prosecution as well as patent strategy consulting.

Reasons to come back and what’s next

Reflecting about their reasons to come back to Zacco, Oskar states: “I decided to return to Zacco after approximately 2.5 years at another IP firm since my previous experience of Zacco, and of the people working there, was very positive. I also think, Zacco combines a modern approach to the IP-business with stability, high competence and a good ambition to serve its clients in a best possible way.” Anthony explains that he is “looking forward to working with Zacco’s clients whose R&D outcome are cutting edge in my field of expertise, electronics, and to enjoy the advantages of a large IP firm where he can focus on patent work and get support from the organisation and collaborate with e.g. colleagues in India and the UK.” Both patent attorneys talk about how much they look forward to meet their new and well-known team members and get started with client work as soon as possible.

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