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Zacco achieves top results in IAM Patent 1000 with 20 colleagues ranked

2 July 2021

20 of our Zacco colleagues have achieved IAM Patent 1000 rankings for 2021 alongside multiple recommendations for Zacco itself.

Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) has finished compiling the Patent 1000 rankings for 2021 with Zacco achieving a fantastic result once again. The rankings are often classed the definitive ‘go-to’ guide for patent expertise and experience, identifying the top patent professionals in key global jurisdictions.


Based on extensive research, IAM conducts a thorough assessment of an organisation’s capability, taking into account client and peer feedback alongside market knowledge, geographical presence, capability and the level of work instructed. Zacco is pleased to announce that the results are in and Zacco has achieved a silver recommendation for Patent Prosecution in Denmark, been highly recommended in Sweden and recommended in both Germany and Norway.


In addition to this we are very proud to announce that, this year, a total of 20 of our colleagues have been ranked with the Patent 1000 (Up from 18 in 2020 and 16 in 2019). This is certainly a fantastic achievement and stands as testament to the quality and commitment shown by those ranked, as well as all of our colleagues who work alongside them.


Those ranked in Denmark include Michael Schandorf Sørensen, Casper Struve, Pernille Thorsboe, Camilla Rendal Nielsen, Thomas Sundien, Jens Jørgen Schmidt and Hans Christian Nielsen.


In Sweden, they are Jörgen Linde, Michael Byström, Sofia Larsson, Paul Winblad, Ulf Juhlin-Dannfelt, Tommy Somlo, Hampus Rystedt and Martin Tranälv.


In Norway, the list includes Anne Sønstevold, Hans Langan, Rikard Mikalsen and in Germany, Olav Jaeger and Carsten Prusko.


The IAM has explained their reasoning behind the recommendations and rankings noting, among others, Zacco’s ‘enviable geographical reach’, ‘forward-thinking approach to IP, deep industry knowledge and prestigious and expanding client base’.


They have suggested that our ability to manage large-scale portfolios and global prosecution capability as well as our focus on service development, particularly within the emerging fields of artificial intelligence and digitalisation, played a key part in the ranking decisions. Importantly, Zacco’s biggest selling points are described as our ‘uniquely personal touch’ and our ‘genuine interest in client inventions’ which help to make our clients feel confident in both our knowledge and our dedication.


We consider both the rankings and the organisation’s feedback as a huge acknowledgement of our ability and of our our commitment to quality. These accolades are not given out lightly so to be recognised in such a way is certainly a significant achievement.


Congratulations to all of those ranked in the IAM 1000 and to everyone else at Zacco for their contribution to our country wide rankings. We have achieved this together as One Zacco and we could not have done it without you. Thank you.


For more information on how we can help you to secure the value of your intellectual property rights, please reach out to Hans Christian Nielsen, Tomas Wässingbo or one of our other IP experts at


You can find Zacco’s profile on the IAM website here.

For more information on the IAM rankings, including their methodology, visit their website here.




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