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Zacco logotype
Zacco logotype

Zacco launches new Digital Trust offer and a new and dedicated website

5 May 2020

In today’s digital world, all organizations, no matter their size, need to assure that they have the right level of Digital Trust. Not only is it important in order to keep a company’s internal data, its employees and client data safe – it also vouches for brand reputation. During the corona pandemic, we see that businesses worldwide are facing an increasing number of digital threats and need to review their security level. Zacco launches a new Digital Trust offer and a new microsite at to help our clients build and retain the digital trust of their stakeholders.

Employees, clients and other users need to rely on a company having all the necessary routines and systems in place to process and store their data in a safe and trustworthy way. This concept, referred to as Digital Trust, is on top of the agenda for IT professionals like CIOs and CISOs and all stakeholders working with digital assets – which is everyone these days. To earn digital trust, your company must prove that it is operating in a safe digital environment that protects your users’ privacy and security.

Zacco Digital Trust offers various services to help you build and keep your digital trust with tailor-made solutions. No matter if you need assistance to develop secure code or experts to perform vulnerability audits – we can help you under our new Digital Trust offer. We apply our established working process and identify, manage, monitor and enforce all your intangible assets. To ensure delivery of state-of-the-art services, Zacco has entered into a strategic partnership with IBM.

When the world changes, so do we as a true Next Generation IP Consultancy. Being one of Europe’s largest IP consultancy firms, we have learned to embrace our clients’ needs even when it comes to their digital assets such as algorithms, privacy and data. An increasing percentage of a company’s value lies there and your stakeholders need to trust that you can handle their data in a safe way,” says Mats Boström, CEO Zacco Group.

We have been working hard on redefining and packaging our existing IP services with our new services within Secure Development and Cyber Security in a unique and client-friendly way. I am convinced that this new Digital Trust offer meets a massive and even growing demand. Many companies have hidden intangible assets in data that attract unwanted attention and that are not protected in a trustworthy manner,” says Patrick Thoren, Director Digital Business Zacco Group.

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