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Zacco’s new online monitoring tool: Track and protect your brand worldwide

28 June 2018

Do you know if your brands and products are threatened by online infringement or just sold in a way that doesn’t align with your business? If someone sells products that look like yours? If your brand is used illegally or someone lures your customers to their own site pretending it is yours? Counterfeit sales, brand abuse and online traffic diversion are today a troubling global phenomenon. Ultimately, it undermines brands, products and market shares. Your answer might be that you don’t work with online brand monitoring as it is too costly and too much manual work. Let’s face it; It’s really hard to monitor +1000 market places or the entire web by yourself.

To solve this problem, Zacco now offers a new tool for digital brand protection monitoring. By using the broadest search capability service in the industry, our clients will now be able to track, analyze and enforce cases of online infringements all over the world.

With this tool you can:

  • Take control on the actual usage of your brand where it is used most frequently – online!
  • Take immediate action to enforce your rights with just one “click” – everything is automated in the tool
  • Secure your most valuable assets on a daily basis with the broadest search capability in the industry – saving you both time and energy on handling each online issue manually

An active digital brand protection is crucial for your effective IP management, especially in industry verticals as fashion & retail, car accessories, consumer products and packaging, toys and medical devices.

While the classic watching services only detect “offline threats”, such as new trademark or domain name registrations, the monitoring service captures all potentially fraudulent online activity connected to a brand or several brands. It furthermore covers all online channels, and screens online marketplaces, social media platforms, worldwide websites and domains, and mobile app platforms on a daily basis, enabling you as a brand owner to act fast against all infringements and fraudulent activities.

The tool can be customized and scaled to meet your needs and budget whether you are a start-up or a multinational enterprise. A flexible and cost-effective solution that empowers you to protect your brand in the fast changing digital environment of today. Let’s act now!

If you want to know more about our new digital brand protection monitoring tool, please contact our consultants directly or email to

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