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Vishanth Ramakrishnan

Assistant Manager
+91 95 38 46 06 54

I manage a team of five people in our office in Bangalore, India. We provide paralegal services to an outsourcing project for a telecom company, such as response filings, set up and manage databases, take care of communication with various agents and consultants to meet the deadline on time and handle our invoicing to clients. I have also been creating work instructions for new procedures.

Carin Pettersson

Business Support System Specialist
+46 76 846 43 03

I work from our office in Stockholm with business support in all our internal systems, and in relation to the specific outsourcing project that we collaborate on, I am quality responsible for the paralegal work in the project. This entails contact with the client and the team, and setting up routines and work instructions for how the paralegal team should work. I have also been in charge of training the paralegals in the system we use at Zacco, so Vishanth and his team have been able to take over and handle the daily work themselves.

Cross-country work collaboration on outsourcing project

“The other person is just a skype call, phone call or a message away”

About the work collaboration

Carin & Vishanth:


The outsourcing project started in the beginning of 2018, and we take care of a part of our client’s patent portfolio. We handle all work – from the patent application is filed to it is either granted or abandoned. To be able to handle as much as we can without involving the client, we need to have strict routines and work instructions that everyone needs to follow.

At first, the client wanted frequent reports about our work, but now they are so pleased with what we do for them that they let us handle most things for them without reporting. It is therefore crucial that we deliver top quality and collaborate well, so we don’t make any mistakes. We want them to rest assured that we take care of everything for them in the best way.

“Overall, Carin is responsible for securing the quality and giving instructions, and Vishanth takes care of implementing these instructions or the processes in the team. As Carin has extensive experience in the paralegal system and Vishanth has experience handling outsourcing projects from previous work experience, we complement each other well.”

It is still an ongoing process making changes in our routines and we often brainstorm together on how to make processes easier and as cost-efficient as possible for the client.

Work collaboration between India and Sweden

Carin & Vishanth:


The distance between us is not a problem. No matter, if it is urgent or not, the other person is just a skype call, phone call or a WhatsApp message away. We have met in person in Stockholm and Bangalore, and of course, it is helpful when you work close together on a big project to know each other a bit better. Not mention nice! Other consultants working in this project are placed at different offices in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, besides India, so we are generally used to and good at collaborating from a distance.

Carin’s strengths according to Vishanth

Carin handles the Zacco system extremely well and I was lucky to have her training me in the system and other tools we use. She is also an experienced paralegal and has been at Zacco for a long time, so she really seems to know everything! One of the best things in our collaboration is that she set up a description document, which we all follow, so everyone at all times will know what to do and how to handle cases. This works really well.

Vishanth’s strengths according to Carin

Vishanth is very good at getting the team to follow new instructions, answering their questions and generally just being there for them. He has many ideas about how we can do things another and better way, and knows a lot more than me about the legal practice in India or the US. We have different strengths and I think this is what makes our collaboration work so well.