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About us

Zacco in short

Zacco is a modern, full-service intellectual property consultancy and we have 150 years’ experience of innovative thinking.

We offer an all-embracing 360° perspective on intellectual property: From patent filing, trademark registration and design protection to software development, digital brand protection, cyber security and portfolio management.
Today, it is not always enough to secure your intellectual property by means of patents, registrations of designs, copyrights and trademarks alone. Securing your IP digitally against data theft and fraud and keeping up with rapidly evolving data protection laws and technology is increasingly important.
By combining the traditional IP disciplines with cyber security, software development and digital brands, we take care of your ideas, innovations, data, identity – and all of your other intangible assets that you can’t put your finger on. We protect them, give you ownership and make them yours to keep – now and in the future.
We call it 360° perspective on intellectual property.
    • We are among Europe’s largest IP firms with more than 500 dedicated experts in all aspects of intellectual property, including a large number of experienced patent, trademark and design attorneys as well as attorneys at law and paralegals, IT specialists and software developers.
    • We have almost 200.000 registered IP rights in our portfolio and we handle a large number of applications, as well as thousands of patent validations, IP translations and renewals every year.
    • We have a long history as an international IP consultancy dating back to 1870: After a merger in 2001 – between Hofman-Bang in Denmark, Stockholm Patentbyrå in Sweden and Bryns Patentkontor in Norway – the company adopted the name Zacco after one of its original founders, Knut Yngve Zacco. In 2009, Zacco merged with the long-standing and well-known IP consulting firm Albihns, forming the company Albihns.Zacco. In 2012, the name was changed to Zacco.

Our Experts

We are as proud of what we do at Zacco, as the experts we have employed – and we have more than 500, including attorneys and paralegals, cyber security consultants and software developers. No matter your industry or area of business, we have your expert, and you can search for all of them below.


Our way of securing your assets