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Meet Amin and Navid, our newly authorised EPA’s at the Gothenburg office

6 October 2022

The Zacco patent team in Gothenburg has the privilege of congratulating two of our colleagues, Amin Abbaszadeh and Navid Fallah on passing the 2022 EQE and becoming authorised European Patent Attorneys. A good occasion to ask some questions about this achievement as well as life and work at Zacco. Both Navid and Amin are graduates from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Navid with a degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, while Amin holds a PhD in Physics.

Rumour has it the EQE is a difficult exam feared by many, would you agree?
Navid: Yes, it is a challenging exam. It consists of a pre-exam session and the actual exams that are split in 4 parts with quite long sittings.
Amin: It is a professional exam, so you expect it to be difficult! That said, the key is thorough preparation. Also worth mentioning is Zacco, as an employer, has been very supportive and has enabled us to study and participate in training courses.

What do you have to do to pass? Any advice?
Amin: There are no magical short cuts, you just have to study thoroughly. I think it might have helped to study together with others.
Navid: I was part of a study group, and I would recommend that. Also, I started to prepare early on, about six months prior to the exam.

Why did you pursue this authorisation, what does it change in your work life?
Navid: Mainly, I think that it assures both clients and peers that I have a profound understanding of the profession.
Amin: This qualification allows us to represent clients in oppositions and appeals before the EPO, which is a greater responsibility.  It also strengthens Zacco’s already reputable in-house competence.

What is your next professional goal, where do you find new challenges?
Navid: This profession comes with exciting challenges on a daily basis.  With this new qualification, my focus right now is to support clients at a higher level.
Amin: There are always more exams to sit… Just kidding, that is not on my list at the moment. I agree with Navid, the profession is ever evolving, and we are in a great position to work with clients that operate at the forefront of technology, which means you learn something new every day.

What did your way into Intellectual property look like? When did you start working with patents?
Amin: I got interested in intellectual property when I was a researcher and patented one of my own ideas based on my research.
Navid: After my studies, I started working with IP at another IP firm, and also worked as an in-house counsel for a year prior to joining Zacco in 2019.

What patent work are you performing for clients?
Navid: Drafting, prosecution, searches, FTOs in the fields of mechanics and software-related inventions, I am lucky enough to work with a wide range of companies of various sizes. My clients’ view on their IP differs considerably, for a smaller company a patent might be their “baby” and represent the backbone of their business. For a large corporate, each single patent matters as a brick in their IP portfolio.
Amin: It is pretty much the same for me, with a focus on computer-implemented inventions, software inventions and the automotive industry, and sometimes I work in the mechanics field as well.

What would you say are the perks of working in the Zacco patent team in Gothenburg?
Amin: We have a beautiful office at the riverside, but the most important thing is that my colleagues are fun and pleasant to work with. We are surrounded by experts who always welcome interesting discussions and give great advice.
Navid: I would also like to point out the supportive and knowledgeable colleagues.

Once again, congratulations and all the best for your future career, Navid and Amin!

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