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Zacco logotype

Zacco celebrates three exciting years of operations within India

19 October 2020

Zacco is proud to announce that it is celebrating its third year of operations within India. The journey has certainly been an exhilarating one. Zacco has grown from strength to strength in terms of the responsibilities within its remit as well as the rapid expansion of its global influence within Intellectual Property and Cyber Security. Here we recount some of the more memorable milestones.

Starting from a small R&D department in India’s ‘Silicon Valley’ of Bangalore, Zacco opened its doors in India in October of 2017. Innovation came naturally to the team and within three months, they had already made their first significant impact on the world of IP protection. The development and introduction of a more cost efficient Portfolio Outsourcing model, widely considered to be an industry first, revolutionised the administration, maintenance and prosecution of IP portfolios and by November of 2018, the team had grown to 50 members.

April of 2019 saw the acquisition of the well renowned and respected Information Security Company, Lakhshya Cyber Security Labs, which led to the establishment of Zacco’s second Indian office in Coimbatore. The acquisition grew staff by another 50 members and, by the following month, a third office was open in the nation’s capital of New Delhi. Zacco had firmly established itself across India, standing out when serving clients with a reputation for quality and success that the Zacco Group is known for.

Later that year saw the team in Bangalore moving to a new Zacco branded office in Bengaluru and February of 2020 saw the whole region honoured with the achievement of the ‘Great Place to Work’ Certification for 2020-2021. More recently, the opening of a brand new state of the art Cyber Defence centre in August of 2020 has cemented Zacco Digital Trust as a leading specialist within Information Security and Data Protection. Despite the current unprecedented situation with Covid-19, Zacco has been able to work uninterrupted throughout the past year, primarily due to our commitment to digital security and data protection as well as the ability to monitor emerging threats and new intelligence irrespective of where we are working.

The Zacco Group celebrates its 150th Anniversary this year and could not be more proud of the Indian offices’ contribution to that success throughout the last three years. Their commitment to innovation and their dedication to both clients and to their employees have seen them become a respected authority within both the Intellectual Property and Cyber Security space. If you would like to learn more about Zacco IP 360º or Zacco Digital Trust, and how we can help you to protect your innovation, identity and digital assets, secure your data online or register and monitor your brand, then please get in touch with your local Regional Director. We look forward to working with you.

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