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Cloud Application Development

Do you need help from experts to build your cloud application? Zacco is an IP consultancy that provides custom cloud application development services across all major platforms, and we can help develop and secure your digital assets.

Our Secure Development team offers full-stack development services on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform together with requirements analysis, software quality assurance, and software project management.

Throughout the entire development process, security is one of our top priorities. We also address and consider the digital assets – such as data, software and apps – that are created in the process and could be of value to you. For example, we consider what kind of data is generated? Who owns the data? Where is it stored? When handling personal data, we must ensure that we are compliant with GDPR. And if we decide to use Open Source Software we must secure that we understand the license structures and have a proper process working with Open Source Software.

Want to know more about our Cloud Application Development Services?

Zacco’s Secure Development team has extensive experience with developing cloud applications and securing data or other digital assets that we identify in the process.

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