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The objective of DevSecOps is to increase the level of proficiency in security of people from all types of disciplines and organisations. As cyber-crimes unfortunately are increasing, IT security has never been more important than it is today. At Zacco, our Secure Developers can help you keep your intangible assets secure.

DevSecOps is short for Development, Security and Operations. Briefly put, having a DevSecOps framework (that uses special DevSecOps tools and processes) ensures that security is built into web applications and not simply added unsystematically afterwards. This reduces the likelihood of mistakes and attacks.

Our Secure Development team can provide:

  • Technology assistance in order to integrate the needed security solutions and create the so-called “security hooks” (within the CI-CD pipeline) for effective and secure development and operations.
  • Consulting services including Gap Assessment, DevSecOps Policy and Framework Development, DevSecOps skill assessment and team structuring, DevSecOps compliance enablement.
  • Training and education for professionals and organisations in the DevSecOps space, including Secure Code Development and DevSecOps, Introduction to DevSecOps Security, Tools integrations for DevOps and Management of DevSecOps for Security Managers.

Zacco’s Secure Developers have extensive experience, and we can help secure your data or other digital assets when we build your DevSecOps framework.

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