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Domain Name Acquisitions

Domain Names are often the most popular first step a client or customer might take to identify your company and its services or products. They can be a powerful brand tool, and acquiring, securing and protecting relevant domain names, through registration or takeover, can be as important to safeguarding your brand through trademarks and designs.

Acquiring a Domain Name – Purchase and Transfer

Domain Name Acquisition has been a growing market for many years, for the simple reason that companies often find that someone else has already registered the domain they need. All two, three and four letter domains under ‘.com’ are already taken, and those with five letters are running out, so short, distinctive and available domains can be very difficult to find. There are alternative marketplaces but the acquisition process can be difficult, with safe payments and guaranteed transfer of domain ownership, fraught with risk.

Similarly, approaching a domain owner directly to attempt to purchase domain rights often results in the price increasing significantly; especially when the owner knows the importance it offers your organisation. Zacco are experts in assessing the market value of domains, we have access to extensive domain related data and can act as independent purchasers, helping to keep your identity anonymous. While it is ultimately up to the seller to decide, such an approach often results in a lower purchase price than a direct approach. Once successful, we can then ensure ownership is transferred  directly to you.

The Zacco Digital Brand Team are domain name experts. We can help to:

  • Develop your domain strategy in line with your brand requirements
  • Find domains relevant to your brand that are available
  • Identify domains that have previously been registered but may be for sale
  • Explore if a registered domain might be suitable for a ‘Domain Dispute’, rather than purchase
  • Identify current domain ownership and reach out to negotiate a good price
  • Handle all payments and administer a successful transfer of ownership

We are on hand to guide you through the process, from start to finish, helping you to become the registered legal owner of the new domain name.

Managing a Domain Name Portfolio

Many of our clients request that we manage their domain portfolios on an ongoing basis. Our comprehensive expertise means that Zacco Digital Brand Consultants are now responsible for managing tens of thousands of active domains, and we assist with the acquisition, registration and takeover of many more every month. We know the current market values, the best practice approach and the techniques that will improve your chances of getting the domain that you want for the right price.

For more information, or an introduction to how we can help you leverage the value of your brand online, reach out to:

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