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Domain Name Disputes and Online Enforcement

Zacco has experts in online brand protection, domain name disputes and all forms or online enforcement and our attorneys and lawyers can assist IP owners in the most complex of enforcement cases when it comes to protecting their rights online. Many of our colleagues have direct experience working within or alongside domestic and international resolution bodies.
We handle thousands of takedowns and hundreds of domain name disputes every year, so we have the expertise necessary to assist you with enforcing your registered brand rights.

Domain Name Infringements

Domain Names are often the most popular first step a client or customer might take to identify your company and its services or products and this is one of the reasons they are prime targets for infringement and fraud. An integral part of protecting IP and brand value against infringement is putting a strategy in place to monitor and enforce online IP and to address potential domain name infringements.

Such infringements come in a variety of forms:

  • Someone has registered a domain name using your company name
  • Someone has registered a domain name using your trademarks and other IP
  • Enforcing against a domain name registered in bad faith
  • Disputing a similar or misspelt domain name designed to confuse or mislead

Takedowns, Protection of Online IP and the Removal of Infringing Content

Domain Name Disputes may not always be necessary, or even possible, as it may be a website’s content that is the intellectual property infringement, such as text, imagery and unauthorised or counterfeit products. Our Digital Brand experts will walk you through the potential steps you can take, identify the most efficient and cost effective route depending on your needs and which jurisdiction or website the domain falls within. They are often able to quickly remove or suspend infringing or fraudulent domain names, websites and content, protecting both your brand and its online reputation in the process, often more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional court actions.

We are here to support you:

  • Dealing with existing or ongoing infringements and disputes
  • Identify if and where potential infringements exist
  • Removing infringing content before it has the chance to damage your brand
  • Offering a fresh perspective on an existing dispute,
  • Providing insight on best practice to protect domains, online brands and other IP rights

Either way, we are available and able to assist, no matter how complex the issue might first appear to be. For more information, or a demonstration of what successful online brand enforcement should look like, reach out to:

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Magnus Ljungdahl


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