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Forward Patenting™

Boost your patent portfolio in a structured way

Does your existing patent portfolio need to grow in a specific area? You should consider completing your on-going R&D activities with a Forward Patenting™ workshop led by our experts who will help you generate ideas and harvest the patents that strengthen your portfolio. Our experienced patent attorneys understand your industry, your technical expertise and the legal framework for patent applications within your areas of operations. We recommend the service to be performed as a physical workshop, but it is also offered as a digital variant or even as a hybrid event.

A well-defined and proven method for patent harvesting

We have developed a structured method for generating and documenting ideas in workshop sessions. Typically, the intention could be to rethink your “traditional” products and add new features or functionalities that meet current and future demands e.g. in terms of sustainability or digitalisation. The process enhances cross-functional cooperation and patent attorneys experienced in patent drafting will guide you and facilitate the workshop sessions.

This effective process consumes only a limited amount of time from the creative people involved. As an outcome, all ends will be tied, all ideas thoroughly documented, and advice will be given on some of the practical next steps from an IP perspective. The patent attorneys involved can provide you with general patentability assessments and follow-up activities could include patentability searches and new patent applications.

Why and when you should consider generating patentable ideas through Forward Patenting™

Our patent workshops can form an important part of the IP capture process, particularly if you want to achieve the following:

  • Patent Portfolio Boosting: Your IP Strategy requires innovation activity in a certain technological area, or with a specific focus, but you are unsure how to get started.
  • Cross-organisational collaboration: You want to gather creative co-workers from different parts of your organisation in order to work on a specific problem, and ensure that all outcomes and ideas are effectively documented and followed up.
  • Patentability Assessment: Your employees have many ideas, but could benefit from professional guidance as to what may be patentable, commercially viable and worth further investment.

Curious about Zacco’s unique way of Forward Patenting™?

Please get in touch with Tomas Wässingbo to learn more about this unique service and how it can be applied to your business.

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