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Patent Litigation

Defend or enforce your patent rights with professional litigation support from our lawyers and attorneys

Our lawyers and patent attorneys are acknowledged experts in dispute resolution. Together, they sum up over 100 years of experience from proceedings at the EPO and at national courts and authorities in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the UK. Therefore, we can easily form a pan-European dispute resolution team that meets your patent litigation needs.

Are you on the verge of a patent litigation process? You might be, if

  • you have received a formal legal warning, a so-called Cease and desist letter from a competitor,
  • your competitors are using technology that is protected by your patent, or
  • your invention has been manufactured and sold without asking for your permission.

Cease and desist letter – serious warning or intimidation?

A Cease and desist letter contains a warning from a patent holder that you allegedly infringe on their rights and requests you stop the illegal action. To solve the issue, it could offer you to license the technology in use, or it could threat you with a costly lawsuit. The stakes are often high when it comes to patent litigation, with substantial fines and financial damage involved. You can trust that our legal team will guide you towards the best solution for you and your company, whether the alleged infringement is a real threat, what opportunities you may have to fire back, possibilities to possible invalidate the patent right, whether you should settle, go to court or find an independent technological work-around etc.

This applies also if you find yourself in the opposite position as patent holder or as exclusive licensee, and want others to end the illegal use of your invention. Our patent lawyers could assist you in issuing a warning, and write a cease and desist letter in order to enforce your patent rights. In any case, conferring with our legal team will help you to react appropriately and to plan your next steps. Our patent lawyers will assist you with assessing the individual situation and mitigating potential risks.

Our patent attorneys offer you patent litigation support and direct representation

Patent litigation is a complex and protracted procedure irrespective of whether the process is initiated by you or by an opposite party such as a competitor. Our experts can represent you directly or provide litigation support to another legal counsel that acts as your trusted representative before the authorities. We have a dedicated patent litigation support team at Zacco that offers expert guidance from patent attorneys and lawyers. Depending on the case and your requirements, we will work alongside internal or external legal counsels from our large network.

To learn more or to discuss how we can support you in defending or enforcing your patent rights reach out to one of the following colleagues.

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Magnus Ljungdahl


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