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Secure Code Review

How secure are your software applications? At Zacco, we have experts who can provide Secure Code Review to uncover hidden vulnerabilities, design flaws, and to verify that key security controls are implemented.

A software application is only as strong as its weakest code. Zacco’s Secure Development team provides a fully secure code review service where we ensure that all security issues related to code application are corrected in a timely manner. This will help during the development of the application.

Security is our business

Throughout the code review, security is one of our top priorities. We also address and consider the digital assets – such as code, data, software and apps – that are created in the process and could be of value to you. For example, we consider what kind of data is generated? Who owns the data? Where is it stored? When handling personal data, we also ensure that we are compliant with GDPR. And if we decide to use Open Source Software we make sure to understand the license structures and have a proper process working with Open Source Software.

Zacco’s Secure Developers have extensive experience, and we can help secure your code or any other digital assets we identify.

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