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Trademark and Design Clearance Searches

Before you launch and adopt a new brand or product, it is necessary to perform a clearance search. The search enables an attorney to establish whether a mark or design already exists, or if it is available for use both online and offline, and if it is likely that you can register it.

Performing a thorough search of existing rights helps you minimise the risk that you will later run into obstacles once you have filed your trademark or design application – and likely save you time and money. To perform a clearance search minimises the risk that you are forced to take the products off the market, rebrand and pay damages to the owner of the earlier mark or design.

We perform clearance searches together with searches on domain names and social media to ensure that the new trademark can be communicated. We also use search engines to find out if someone else is using it – although they haven’t registered it – and to avoid surprises going forward.

Need assistance with a clearance search?

At Zacco, we are experienced in supporting our clients with reviewing the current landscape for potential conflicting marks and designs, and assisting them in making informed decisions before investing time and money in a new trademark or design. We will create a comprehensive report, which provides you with our recommendation for the best strategy going forward.

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