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Verified Mark Certificates (VMC)

The Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) allows a business to display its trademark logotype alongside the sender field within compatible email clients. Those who receive the email will see your logotype even if they have yet to open the message.

Many email providers have started to implement VMC compatibility as part of their regular updates. Zacco can assist you with issuing and activating the service ensuring that both current and prospective customers will be presented with your logotype (or word mark) in compatible inboxes.


How does it work?

In order to use a VMC, compatible email clients must be able to verify that your company applies so-called ‘DMARC’ standards (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance). As a prerequisite, the logotype that you want to display has to be a registered trademark that you own.

What are the advantages of using a VMC?

  • VMCs ensure authenticity and instant brand recognition within compatible inboxes. Customers can feel safe that a message has been sent directly from your company since it is highly unlikely to have been sent from anyone else.
  • The risk of an email being incorrectly identified as spam is significantly reduced; your message is therefore more likely to land in the recipient’s inbox and be noticed.
  • Studies suggest VMCs will increase the probability your email is opened by 10%.
  • VMCs provide an additional layer of protection against identity-based cyber attacks by adopting ‘DMARC’ compliance.
  • VMCs allow your mail to stand out against others in customer’s inboxes

For guidance through the registration or implementation process, get in touch!

We can help with both the preparation and implementation of your VMC. Get in touch with the Digital Brand Team at Zacco if you would like to start showing your VMC alongside your email or if you are unsure whether you meet the requirements. You can also contact one of our trademark experts if you require assistance with registering your logotype.

For more information, reach out to our Digital Brands team at

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