Zacco | IP Audit - Full review of your Patents, Trademarks and other IP rights

IP Audit

An IP Audit is a review of a company’s IP assets, including patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, know-how, trade secrets and more. The IP Audit will reveal how you can use your IP assets to protect your business and it will provide an inventory of information relevant to the creation, maintenance and use of IP assets.

Why do an IP Audit?
Today IP has become a significant part of a company’s value and it is important to understand the scope of the IP assets to secure this value. There might be hidden facts that may prevent you from enforcing the IP assets due to:
    • Existing agreements
    • Disputes
    • Prior art
    • Ownership
    • File history
    • Due payments
    • Etc.
    By identifying all issues related to your IP assets, you can assess them accordingly. A well conducted IP Audit will provide guidance on how to deal with challenging situations that the audit itself might reveal. This does not only avoid unnecessary costs, but maximizes the return for your investment.
    Talk to us! Zacco has 150 years’ experience of innovative thinking. Our attorneys have the skills to conduct your IP Audit and advise you on the outcome.


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