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Lone Prehn

Senior Partner Master of Law European Trademark and Design Attorney

+45 39 48 82 64


Trademark professional, joined Zacco in 1990

“Two days are never alike. We face new issues all the time that require new approaches and a creative mind.” In principle, I do everything that has to do with Trademarks: from freedom-to-operate searches and filing strategies to enforcement. I handle client portfolios worldwide – so today, I could be an expert on Saudi Arabia, and tomorrow on China or the EU. I get around, you might say.
I work with all types of clients – big corporations and small start-ups – and with all types of products and services ranging from toys to fashion or pharmaceuticals. Basically, it could be anyone who needs help in this area.
“Two days are never alike. We face new issues all the time that require new approaches and a creative mind. I like this a lot.”

A long Zacco career

I started my career in 1990 as a Trademark Attorney at Lehmann & Ree, which then merged with Hofman-Bang & Boutard, and later became Zacco. This was a very exciting move for me, as I had always admired Hofman-Bang & Boutard and the skilled attorneys working there.
About ten years later, another exciting point in my career took place: I was made partner in 1999, and we were then eight owners of the company. In 2001, we merged with Stockholm Patentbyrå in Sweden and Bryns Patentkontor in Norway, which was quite unusual, since this was the first cross-border merger in Scandinavia at the time.
Other highlights of my career were when I became an attorney-at-law, when I became a Panelist with WIPO, and when I was vice-president of the Association of Danish Patent and Trademark Agents. But the bottom line, throughout my career, is: It has always been about Trademarks.

About the Zacco culture

The culture at Zacco is very open. You have easy access to the management, and if you bring ideas or suggestions forward, they listen. The atmosphere is light and we have a lot of good laughs – and cake! I also like that I get to structure my work quite independently at Zacco and have a work relation that is based on trust.
I would also describe the Zacco culture in terms of helpfulness among colleagues. No matter, if you work far from or close to one another, you can have great working relations and professional back-and-forths.

The perks of working at Zacco

Working at a large company like Zacco means that we are able to handle large client portfolios, which brings about more diverse work assignments. Because of our size, we can offer a wide selection of services – or what we call our 360° perspective on intellectual property: everything from digital brands, trademarks and patents to cyber security etc.
I also consider our size and presence in many countries a perk because it means I have many colleagues to collaborate with and learn from. The differences in culture and language, also just within Scandinavia, makes the job very interesting.

What makes you passionate about your daily work?

Two days are never alike. We face new issues all the time that require new approaches and a creative mind. I like this a lot. Overall, I am passionate about the field, Trademarks, and the opportunity to put my expert knowledge to use to the benefit of our clients. At the end of the day – if the client is happy – so am I!

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