Camilla Rendal Nielsen

Senior Partner

Team Manager

European Patent Attorney


+45 39 48 82 31


Patent professional, joined Zacco in 2010:
“Rather than working one-to-one, we work many-to-one client, and this is a huge advantage.”

I have been working at Zacco since 2010, and I handle client patent portfolios and work closely together with our clients to ensure the best protection of their inventions. I am also a team manager of six patent attorneys. One of my most important tasks in this role is to support good collaboration in the team and to make sure that we dedicate ourselves and make use of our joint efforts in the best possible way for our clients.

I work with clients who manufacture medical devices – all kinds of electronic devices, really, and software of all kinds. For instance, I help protect user interfaces for electronic devices for some large international clients at the moment.

The culture at Zacco

“I would describe Zacco as an organisation with a flat structure, where you as an employee get to have a say on things and an easy access to the top management’s ear. I like that. The top management is good at paying attention to the business – how we are doing and what we need to be doing – and particularly to the well-being of our clients.”

Our culture is also very much influenced by the way we work, that is, in client teams. This means that we are always more attorneys working with one client. So, rather than working one-to-one, we work many-to-one client, and this is a huge advantage, as it makes us less vulnerable and more able to learn from each other. Our collaborations also often take place across countries and regions. For instance, I am right now working in a client team with colleagues from Gothenburg, Stockholm, Munich and Copenhagen.

The best things about working at Zacco are…

…the opportunity to work for large clients, because we have such a strong basis of attorneys and therefore can handle clients of a high magnitude.

…our close cross-country collaborations when we work more attorneys in a team serving one client. This gives us a competitive edge, I think, and it also makes the job much more interesting.

…the drive of our top management to keep Zacco in the front of the IP business.

And the best days at Zacco…

…are when we work with and solve complex matters for our clients, and when we have good discussions and collaborations in our team. Basically, the best days are the days, when things work out!

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