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Yashaswini Hiran

Head - Human Resources, Region India

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Head – Human Resources, Region India, joined Zacco in 2019

“I like to be part of an organisation that continues to reach for greater heights”
I manage various HR functions, such as on-boarding of new employees, streamlining processes and taking care of employees in general. I also handle employment engagements and arrange staffing. Zacco India is still a new office, and when I was hired in January 2019, I was the first HR person here. So, much of my work also has to do with setting up processes for how we do things.

Why I chose Zacco

It was actually my former boss, who told me about the job opening at Zacco. He was working with Zacco as a consultant, and he knew and recommended the Managing Director of Zacco India, Ravi Sunderrajan.
It was both challenging and exciting starting at Zacco India. Not only, because it is a new office, but also because I used to work in an IT company, so for me, the world of intellectual property was new and exciting – and still is. That is actually a big part of the reason why I chose Zacco: I wanted to explore new things and take part of a new and absolutely exciting journey. There is a lot of learning involved in this process, and I really enjoy it.

What I like the most about my work at Zacco

In my area, I like on-boarding fresh faces and new experience into the company the best. When we have new employees joining Zacco, we plan their first day here and make sure everyone has a “buddy”, who stays with them for the whole day, takes them out for lunch and shows them around. Once every month, we will have an orientation day for new employees, so everyone feels welcome and knows about Zacco.
On a more overall level, I like to be part of an organisation that continues to reach for greater heights. This is important, I think, because it also keeps me motivated in my work, to be part of something big that could take us many places.

Life at Zacco: A nice balance and international experience

Working at Zacco is a great opportunity to work with other parts of the world and understand different cultures. In general, I also think there is a nice balance at Zacco between hard work and flexibility:
“You can sense the hard-working spirit of people here, who are at the same time given the opportunity and flexibility to pursue their passion.”

Cultural differences: noise and food

One main difference between our office in Bangalore and the Scandinavian offices I have visited in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Stockholm is chatter; in Bangalore, you can always hear people talking, whereas the Scandinavian offices are much more silent. I guess we are used to more noise, so we sometimes wonder: how can they stay so quiet, ha ha. Another main difference is the food – and probably my only problem with Scandinavia!

A really good day at Zacco…

…is when I see many smiling faces on the floor. As a HR person, this makes me happy because then I know, we are doing something right. And we have many good days at Zacco.

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