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WTR 1000 2024 sees 29 colleagues ranked alongside recognition for Zacco

7 February 2024

World Trademark Review have recently released their WTR 1000 Practitioner and Firm rankings for 2024 and, thanks to some excellent work over the last year, and some really positive feedback from our clients, Zacco has again received a great result. Ten new colleagues have joined the WTR 1000 list, meaning 29 of our colleagues are now ranked across multiple offices, alongside multiple recommendations for Zacco.

The WTR list continues to be considered a ‘go-to’ guide by many in the industry for information on trademark expertise and trademark experts. The composition of the list takes months of research from the WTR team, incorporating feedback from both practitioners and in-house experts across the IP world, market knowledge, capability of firms and the quality and quantity of work performed. The result is a comprehensive overview of international experts who are considered to have made a significant impact on the trademark profession, on their clients and on their peers.

This year, we are really proud to announce that we have achieved a Gold ranking for Trademark Prosecution and Strategy in Sweden and Norway, alongside a Silver Ranking for firms in Denmark and Bronze ranking for our work before the EUIPO. We are also pleased to share that 29 of our colleagues have been ranked within the list, up from 19 in 2023.

Individual Recommendations

A primary purpose of the WTR 1000 list is to recognise trademark and design attorneys in private practice who stand apart from the crowd as experts in their respective fields, acknowledging work ethic, knowledge and a reputation for consistent quality in both strategy and delivery. These are experts who can be considered to go above and beyond for their clients.

For Denmark, our colleagues recognised for their trademark expertise are Bolette Isholt Andersen, Louise Thorning Ahle, Thomas Mølsgaard, Lone Prehn, Fabio Pezzolato and Knud Wallberg, all based out of our Head Office in Copenhagen, alongside Heidi Rehné in Aarhus. Also in Copenhagen, Henrik Jespersen makes his first appearance on the list, alongside Peter Gustav Olson who joined Zacco in January and who has again been recognised by the WTR.

In Sweden, you will find that Claes Agnvall and Malin Thunberg McCann (Stockholm), Martin Tranälv and Anders Sparlund (Gothenburg), and Maria Beijer (Malmö) have kept their individual recommendations, maintaining their reputations for excellence across a range of legal and trademark related strategy and implementation work. We are also pleased to welcome Hampus Adlerton (Malmö), Ulrika Axelsson (Gothenburg), Marcus Eilenberg and Anders Feldt (Stockholm), and Johanna Forsgren Israelsson (Skellefteå) to the list.

In Norway, at our Oslo office, we once again see Per Vegard Bergheim, Tone Tangevald-Jensen, Lars Henrik Stoud Platou and Jens Herman Ruge recognised for the quality of their work, with Solvår Winnie Finnanger, Turid Oma, Ane Strand Nilssen and Thomas Rukin all joining the list for the first time.

We are also pleased to see both Nils Köster (Bremen) and Iram Zaidi (London) retaining their individual rankings.

Firm rankings

We are really proud of our Gold ranking for Zacco Sweden and Zacco Norway in the Trademark Prosecution and Strategy Categories and Zacco Denmark has retaining its Silver ranking for firms. We have also been recognised with a bronze ranking in the prestigious EUIPO category.

Congratulations to all of our colleagues for helping to make this happen, this is definitely something we have all contributed to and something that we should hold dear as it represents confirmation of our commitment to quality, and to our clients.

Some of the reasoning and recommendations behind Zacco’s success in the rankings were noted in the announcement, including “well-rounded professionals adept at handling matters with the clients’ interests in mind. They identify risks and devise attainable game plans to secure protection.”

They also describe Zacco as a “hands-on, knowledgeable and service-minded… for worldwide registrations and overall trademark management. Dedicated to finding swift solutions, the team offers clear and concise advice to allow patrons to make informed decisions.”

Congratulations to everyone on the WTR 1000 list, well done to all of our colleagues in offices around the world and thank you to our clients for continuing to place your trust in us. To be independently recognised so highly in so many areas represents a great start to the year for Zacco. It represents recognition of our innovative approach to intellectual property and the comprehensive skills, knowledge and technical expertise available amongst our colleagues.

Feedback from clients has also highlighted their appreciation for the expanding number of complementary services we offer to our clients in related areas such as digital branding and cyber security.

Joining OpSec Security last year, alongside our international position within IP, means that a client working with any of our offices automatically has access to a global repository of IP, branding and technological expertise. These awards and recognition are certainly something that everyone at Zacco has contributed to and something that we are all proud to be a part of.

If you would like one of the recommend individuals, or another of our committed and capable IP experts, to assist you with making the most of your IP portfolio then please reach out. We would be happy to help.

To view the full rankings and the reasons behind their selection, please visit the WTR page and select the WTR 1000 rankings for 2024, available here.

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