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23 practitioners at Zacco ranked in the IAM Patent 1000 for 2022!

29 June 2022

23 at Zacco throughout Scandinavia, the UK and Germany are ranked in this years’ IAM Patent 1000

Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) have recently released their IAM 1000 Practitioner and Patent Firm rankings for 2022 and Zacco has again received a fantastic result with 23 of our colleagues achieving IAM 1000 ranking, alongside multiple recommendations for Zacco.

The rankings are the results of months of research and hard work by IAM to determine the firm’s potential for inclusion based on a number of factors including client and peer feedback, market knowledge, geographical presence, capability and the level of work instructed. The rankings remain the ‘go-to guide’ for information on patent experts and expertise.

Zacco is also pleased to announce that we have achieved a Silver recommendation for Patent Prosecution in Denmark, been Highly Recommended in Sweden and been Recommended in both Germany and Norway. A new addition to the list is our Bronze Ranking for the work that we do with the European Patent Office.

We are also very proud to share that 23 of our colleagues have been ranked in the Patent 1000 (Up from 19 in 2021 and 18 in 2020), which recognises individuals who go above and beyond for their clients and stand out as experts in their respective fields.

Those ranked in Denmark include Tomas Wässingbo, Michael Schandorf Sørensen, Casper Struve, Pernille Thorsboe, Camilla Rendal Nielsen, Thomas Sundien, Jens Jørgen Schmidt and Hans C. Nielsen.

In Sweden, they are Patrik Olsson, Maria Börlin, Jörgen Linde, Michael Byström, Sofia Larsson, Paul Winblad, Ulf Juhlin-Dannfelt, Tommy Somlo and Martin Tranälv.

In Norway, the list includes Stein Aamot, Anne Sønstevold, Hans Langan and Rikard Mikalsen.

In Germany, Carsten Prusko and in the United Kingdom, Coreena Brinck.

We are very pleased to see Tomas, Patrik, Maria, Stein and Coreena included for the first time.

The IAM has explained their reasoning behind the recommendations and rankings noting, among others, Zacco’s “innovation and dynamism” and our “search for creative and cost solutions for (our) ever-increasing roster of patrons.”

They also noted our meticulousness, responsiveness and creative argumentation as well as how our “collaboration is always smooth, professional and pleasant”

We consider both the rankings and the organisation’s feedback as a huge acknowledgement of our ability and of our commitment to quality. For us, such recognition represents independent validation that we are on the right track and we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of how an IP firm should operate.

Congratulations to all of those ranked in the IAM 1000 and to everyone else at Zacco for their contribution to our country wide rankings. We have achieved this together as One Zacco and we could not have done it without you. Thank you.

For more information on how we can help you to secure the value of your intellectual property rights, please reach out to Hans Christian Nielsen, Tomas Wässingbo, Patrik Olsson or one of our other IP experts here.

You can find Zacco’s profile on the IAM website here.

For more information on the IAM rankings, including their methodology, visit their website here.


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