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IP360 – The future of intellectual property

The world is open for business and opportunities can emerge from anywhere. Dynamic markets, new business models and digitalisation have led to a rapidly growing need to identify and protect everything from early ideas, business identifiers and inventions, to the integrity and ownership of your data. IP360 means working with you to define and develop the protection and enforcement of all of your intangible assets. From concepts, patents and trademarks, to domains, data and development processes, we will help you with developing, securing and maintaining the value of your intellectual property.

Innovation Assets

Everything connected with the development of an idea or innovation could potentially be an innovation asset. Patents, copyrights, licenses, trade secrets, virtual engineering, testing simulations, technical knowhow and even the development process itself are all examples of innovation assets, and could add considerable intellectual property value to your organisation.

Our technical expertise means that we are often involved throughout the entire development process, advising on implementation and commercial viability relevant to IP and offering strategic advice in view of trends within the IP landscape. We consider all of the technical and legal implications that could arise throughout the process, advising on how to navigate the security and protection of any resulting innovation. 

Digital Assets

How valuable is your digital information and how should you maintain its integrity and security? Whether you are a brand new start up or a Fortune 500 Multinational, effective data management requires developing processes to recognise what could be useful, and how you should capture or track it. Zacco can quickly identify, verify and protect what you have, and advise you on how to secure its value.

With advances in processing power and AI, companies are finding that data can be used in ways never thought possible. Analysed correctly, it can boost productivity, improve efficiency, identify market trends and even become a profitable new revenue stream. Intelligence, data, algorithms, processes and ideas suddenly become more than just the sum of their parts – They become Digital Assets.

Identity Assets

Identity Assets could be anything that allows customers and clients to recognise your organisation, your products or your services. In short, your business identifiers.

These valuable identifiers traditionally became IP in the form of Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights, such as text, logotypes or imagery, but increasingly included other sensory signifiers, such as sounds and even tastes. Relevant services might include licensing or affiliate arrangements and regulatory compliance, as well as a range of digital brand services such as domain names and DNS, online marketplace monitoring and counterfeit prevention, as well as social media, Metaverse or NFT branding protection.

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Zacco is part of the OpSec Group. Together we help your organisation to develop, manage and protect the value of your IP throughout its lifecycle. We combine physical and digital brand protection solutions to provide authenticity and security.

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The Zacco Process -
Four steps to secure your assets

Whether your assets are digital, physical, identify-based or innovative, they are everywhere. To maintain their value, you must know what they are, where they are and how to keep them secure.

A complicated journey made easy. Our experts work with you through a proven, step-by-step process, understanding your organisation and identifying patents, trademarks, design rights, domain names and other assets. We consolidate and register them, developing a strategy to manage, secure and protect them, both online and in the real world, and we monitor them throughout their lifecycle. When necessary, we work with you to defend and enforce your rights internationally.

By following the same process throughout, we aim to catch all assets irrespective of their size. The process scales as your organisation grows, so you always have a clear overview of what you have, its progress and, perhaps most importantly, what its potential value could be.

Services designed to protect your innovation, identity and data

The Zacco IP360 approach is designed to help you identify and protect all of your intangible assets.

From patents and trademarks to online infringements, data security and litigation, we have all the skills you could need, and more than 500 experts ready to help you.

Discover the true
value of your assets

The increasingly digital approach to business has made it easier than ever to track the value of your assets. We can help you define them, evaluate them and release their hidden value.

We know that value emerges from unexpected places and digitalisation means that traditional borders and boundaries no longer apply. We work with you to go beyond conventional patent and trademark protection, into the world of data security, online branding and navigating cyber threats.

The following stories offer insight into how we work towards unlocking the true value of your innovations, data, brand identities and other intangible assets; helping you to secure them and capture their true value.

Innovation Assets

The development process becomes a valuable asset

Read the whole customer story and see the assets we found.

Digital Assets

Using decades of data as a resource

Read the whole customer story and see the assets we found.

Identity Assets

Preparing for a significant online expansion

Read the whole customer story and see the assets we found.

The development process becomes a valuable asset

A large company using Artificial Intelligence in the burgeoning Green Tech space approached Zacco to help them formalise their impressive expertise and ideas into tangible IP assets. What began as a patent drafting exercise soon evolved into an exploration of their development process and Zacco was able to identify where the process itself could be considered novel, and therefore worthy of patent protection in its own right. Securing the development process created an extra layer of protection because, conceptually, the process could lead to other innovations and competitors were now potentially restricted from following exactly the same route.

On conducting ‘Freedom to Operate’ searches, we also discovered multiple decisions taken throughout the process leading to the use of different technological approaches. One approach led the company into a relatively unexplored area of technological advancement, which meant that there was significantly less competition within the patent space than there would have been via other routes. This also meant leading the way in terms of securing their patents, which in turn resulted in significant potential to license their technology.

Working in close collaboration, Zacco has helped them to create a comprehensive IP Strategy which accounts for potential benefits and pitfalls. We have also assisted them in developing a culture of IP awareness throughout the organisation by putting processes in place to recognise ideas as they happen and to explore their commercial viability prior to securing rights. This has also resulted in the company securing a number of new potential revenue streams that they had not previously considered, both from existing IP rights and recently identified intangible assets. Zacco is now responsible for managing their portfolio, and we have been able to scale our service as they grow.

Using decades of data as a resource

A manufacturing organisation that Zacco has been working with for almost fifteen years has increasingly found itself in competition with new data-driven start-ups and wanted to explore what they could do to stay competitive.

Understanding what they had available meant first understanding what they used in their day-to-day operations. Zacco discovered the company had access to decades of data on resource usage, transport logistics, sales figures and market statistics, and we were quickly able to identify what could be an asset. Successful analysis resulted in immediate improvements to efficiency, a reduction in waste and a better understanding of client purchasing habits.

Zacco was also able to identify data that could be used to track market trends, which the company was able to capitalise on. Perhaps more interestingly, this product and service usage data, already quality checked, could be sold to third parties. Zacco had identified a new revenue stream, requiring relatively little effort to profit from.

Zacco has helped them start their security journey with our Digital Trust team conducting a comprehensive security maturity assessment. We now provide Vulnerability and Threat Management services, actively monitored through our in-house Security Operations Centre.  Their data is secured beyond regulation and compliance requirements and our Tech Law expertise has steered them clear of data misuse, developing legal foundations to collect, use, license  and sell their data

The organisation now has comprehensive network security in place, protecting their existing assets beyond what can legally be defended by the use of traditional patents and trademarks. We are also responsible for safeguarding their digital presence, domains and online brand reputation. IP and IT Due Diligence on target companies, examining newly acquired IP rights and assessing potential cyber security risks, Zacco provided a comprehensive, efficient and cost effective solution from a single provider.


Preparing for a significant online expansion

A company that Zacco has been working with for many years moved into online sales a few years ago. Zacco had previously helped them identifying, registering and protecting a portfolio of trademarks and designs, including associated monitoring, infringement and anti-counterfeiting services to keep them secure. As we knew their business, Zacco was a natural choice of partner as they moved online and we introduced them to our Digital Brands team who were able to secure both relevant and similar domain names, as well as assisting with a range of enrolment and enforcement services for marketplaces and social media.

The online business has continued to grow and Zacco has been able to scale its services in parallel. As they have become more popular, we have assisted with licensing the brand to create new recurring revenue streams and, where this has been impossible or impractical, we have helped them enforce their rights from simple takedown requests to complex international litigation.

With their online business now their biggest sales channel, they have increasingly focused their efforts into the development of their online branding, including exploration into potential new revenue streams. Once again, Zacco has been on hand to assist, starting with discussions into IP strategy and commercial viability, including licensing potential, valuation and due diligence. We are currently busy helping them to plan their entry into the various ‘Metaverses’ under development, and are actively monitoring for NFT infringement across various marketplaces. This means registering all related IP to include digital and virtual versions of products, either as artistic collectibles or for use in online worlds or gaming, and registering relevant Blockchain domains.

Zacco has been working in close collaboration with the company every step of the way. As they have evolved, so to have we, and we have helped them to cross the threshold from more traditional identity assets to a comprehensive online and offline IP branding security strategy. We look forward to helping them maintain their stellar growth and are ready and able to help them secure their online future.

Due Diligence: More value for money

A company engaged Zacco in relation to a merger and acquisition (M&A) to carry out assessments of the intellectual property and information security of a potential investment (the “target company”). We initiated the due diligence by mapping the target company’s patents and patent applications, brands and registered trademarks. We also reviewed license and R&D agreements, and assessed security risks. During the mapping, we found that the actual value of the patent portfolio was low relative to the original ‘strength assessment’ that had been carried out by a third party. Key patents within the portfolio were not as strong as presented, and the geographical scope of protection could also be questioned. Thus, by identifying and evaluating the target company’s intellectual property, we helped our client (the acquiring company) to negotiate a better price.

Hidden values in data

A software company that produces mobile applications (“apps”) for the travel industry needed Zacco’s advice on how to utilise the data generated from their apps. First, our team of experienced software developers and cybersecurity consultants analysed the client’s product and level of security. We continued by reviewing their identity assets, such as trademarks and domain names. Next, we created a digital assets strategy and set up a process for how to develop their applications. Finally, we created a strategy for how to extend the protection of their online brands and unique software. As we discovered that the company had not legally ensured that they owned the data, which their apps produced, we helped them create new terms of business and terms of use. We also helped our client to meet the data storage and privacy requirements after implementation of GDPR.

Outsourcing of IP portfolio to Zacco

A large international company approached Zacco and asked for our help to consolidate their extensive and highly complex patent portfolio. The company was looking to reduce administration and to reduce the cost of maintaining their portfolio while reducing the time of pendency. To start with, we identified all assets in their patent portfolio and classified them by level of importance. We then began managing all recordals and validations. Simultaneously, we took over responsibility for their pending patent applications, offering various fixed price agreements leading to reduced application costs. As this turned out to be very cost-effective for our client, they decided to outsource their trademark portfolio to Zacco as well. Thus, we not only helped them to reduce cost and administrative workload, but also to gain better overview of their portfolio.

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