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IAM Patent 2023 – Zacco ranked as a top IP firm, alongside 27 colleagues

30 June 2023

Following months of research, International Asset Management have recently announced their IAM Patent 1000 Practitioner and Firm rankings for 2023 and Zacco is proud to share that 27 of our colleagues have made the list, up year on year, as well as receiving great feedback and high rankings across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and the EPO categories.

IAM works hard to identify and acknowledge a range of international experts across the field of patents, those recognised by clients, peers and colleagues as able to make a real impact on patent development and security. With so many capable practitioners across the globe, the competition is fierce and the rankings are judged on a combination of client feedback, market knowledge, capability and the amount and quality of the work delivered. The IAM rankings continue to be one of the ‘go-to’ guides for information on patent prosecution and litigation expertise.

This year, 27 of our colleagues have been ranked within the list, up from 23 in 2022 and 20 in 2021, alongside a Silver ranking for Patent Prosecution in Denmark, a Highly Recommended ranking in Sweden, and a Recommended ranking in Norway. We also received a Bronze ranking in the EPO category and, for the first time, a bronze ranking for Prosecution and Nullity in Germany.

Individual Recommendations

Those ranked in Denmark include Tomas Wässingbo, Michael Schandorf Sørensen, Casper Struve, Pernille Thorsboe, Camilla Rendal Nielsen, Thomas Sundien and Hans C. Nielsen. They are joined for the first time by Elmin Tutkur and Anders Fredriksson.

In Sweden, the list recognises Jörgen Linde, Patrik Olsson, Maria Börlin, Michael Byström, Sofia Larsson, Paul Winblad, Ulf Juhlin-Dannfelt, Tommy Somlo and Martin Tranälv. They are joined this year by Tomas Gustafsson, Malin Mattson and Johan Hervius Löthman.

In Norway, we find Stein Aamot, Anne Sønstevold, Hans Langan and, for the first time, Rita Lillegraven.

Our colleagues from both the UK and Germany have been recognised as well, with Coreena Brinck once again achieving a UK ranking and Heiko Pittner making his first appearance on the list for Germany.

We are very pleased to see seven new names on the Patent 1000 list with Elmin, Anders, Tomas, Malin, Johan, Rita and Heiko making their first appearance this year.


Firm Rankings

Some of the feedback that contributed to Zacco’s success in the rankings were noted in the announcement:

“An outfit of choice for a wide range of domestic and international players … a top-quality offering at the intersection of commercial and technical understanding”

“Efficient, diligent, prompt and proactive, Zacco is wonderful in all regards. A premier European patent firm with a significant presence across the continent”

“The group delivers fantastic work and boasts in-depth technical know-how and business acumen, easing the minds of clients during complex mandates.”

To be independently recognised and ranked highly in so many areas represents a continuation of a successful year, with multiple awards and recognition for both Zacco and many of our colleagues. To us, these rankings represent recognition of our innovative approach to intellectual property and the comprehensive skills, knowledge and technical expertise that our colleagues are able to provide.

A client working with any of our offices has access to a global repository of IP, brand protection and tech expertise, so these awards and recognitions are certainly something that everyone at Zacco has contributed to, and something that we are all proud to be a part of.


Thank you to our clients, for both your feedback and continued trust in us, and to our peers in the global IP community. Congratulations to everyone on the IAM 1000 list and a huge well done to all of our colleagues in offices around the world who have contributed to this success.

If you would like one of the recommend individuals, or another of our committed and capable IP experts, to assist you with making the most of your IP portfolio then please reach out. We would be happy to help.

To view the full rankings and the reasons behind their selection, please visit the IAM page here:

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